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  1. Whoa, slow down there! I don't think you got that I was joking in my +rep. And it was playing on the fact that the report button and +rep button are right next to each other. I respect your opinion, despite not agreeing with it. You seem to be overreacting a bit. But do what you feel you must. Nothing will come of it, either way.

    Besides, Cesar has probably already seen it. All of that stuff gets monitored by him.
  2. Nah brother. I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna tell Colt you have an issue with the post and send him a copy. And then I'm gonna, for the second time, tell Freya I wasn't trying to hate her. Because I'm sick to death of people not understanding English. I can.see already you make a habit of it.
  3. I won't drop off on you. This is my gift, my passion. Not "RP" but writing and creating stories.

    I'd rather us hammer out some common ground to better prevent said drop off probability.

    Any genres you like, 'cause I can do almost anything but high school.
  4. I have RP'd in the past. However, it seems that everything I join drops off the Earth. Ever since then, I have been really selective about what I join. If you were to make one, I would consider joining.
  5. Do you roleplay?
  6. Do you RP?
  7. Thanks bro. Pleasure to meet you.
  8. OutlawTorn,

    My name is Michael Swayne, and let me be one of the first people to welcome you to TFF. I am a member of the Social Group called Flock of Noobies. We are a group focused on new members. Our group is always looking for new members, and was wondering if you would like to join. I will be sending you an invite, but you can also click on "Community" at the top of the page, then click on "Social Groups", and look for us there. Hope to see you there!

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