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  1. Done!
    Sorry I'm not behind the ages of the adopters anymore... *coughs* I just want us all to be young forever!
  2. Hiya Freya! I was wondering if you would change the age in my Adopter profile to 27. Also, I need to update the Misc. Information as well. I would like it to read:

    A writer by nature, Michael has a long vocabulary and likes to use it. Whether it is in his blog here on TFF or the gaming/news blog he maintains, he makes full use of his three languages. And he's always willing to lend an ear, no matter what the problem. When he isn't playing video games, or writing about video games, he is out on his bicycle...provided it doesn't have something broken on it.
    Thank you!
  3. Hey there, first of all, I hope you had a great birthday! Just remember: Men aren't getting older. They're getting more interesting.

    Besides that, I changed your age in the first posting.
    (And as for me, I'm fine, except for all the stress due to my upcoming final exams at university x.x)
  4. Hi Freya! How have you been? I was wondering if you would change my age in my adoption profile from 25 to 26. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi Freya! How are you? Just reporting in to say that neither of my Adoptees (lovehearty42 and beatrix) have been around since September. I think it was because with the changes the forum went through right after their joining that they lost interest. I must admit that I had a little trouble adjusting to the new format when everything changed. No worries though. Feel free to take them off my list if you want.
  6. Oh damn, just seen her VMs. I really forgot to add her. >.<
    I'm terribly sorry, Michael! I hope it's really okay for you to have two adoptees. Though I'm pretty sure you're handle that perfectly.
  7. Erm... was the adoption of lovelyhearty official? And since when has she been your adoptee? Maybe she's not in the list because she's out of the program (>100 posts or 2 months of adoption).
  8. Hey Freya,

    I just thought I'd tell that I now have two Adoptees, lovehearty42 and Beatrix. I am happy to have both of them, but you only have Beatrix listed under my name. Thanks for everything!
  9. Yes, I would like to continue being an Adopter. As for my profile, nothing needs changed. Thanks!
  10. Hey - I'm currently trying to clean the adoption agency (summer wrap up or something like that). So I'd like to ask you if you're still interested in being an adopter and if there's anything you'd like to change about your profile. I suppose all of the adopters are about 2 years older than they are listed right now... but anyways.
    Just leave me a short VM. If I don't get a message from you within a month, I won't consider you as an adopter anymore, but still keep you in my list. (If I don't get a message within half a year, though, I'll strike your name from the list.)
  11. Thank you again and again!
  12. Will be done in a minute! ^^
  13. Hey, Freya! I was wondering if you would change the age in my Adopter Profile to 25. Thank you in advance.
  14. Oh, why will it be over soon? I thought this'd be permanent. Though I missed most of the details. ^^" Like what's the meaning behind Al-ha, for example... *coughs*
  15. Sure, I will be glad to help out Draug. Sorry about the Al-ha confusion. It should be over soon.
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