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  1. I still haven't unlocked the Arena, but when I do we'll definitely have to play. My BattleNet tag is me3lingual#1253.
  2. Congrats man! Absolutely! I definitely still play. In the process of buying a new motherboard+processor so I've been streaming less until then. My BattleNet tag is Atomsk#1913.
  3. I finally got a beta key for Hearthstone. If you still play, maybe we'll go up against each other sometime.
  4. If I could +rep your +rep, I would do so fifty times. Thanks! I had something else to say, but then I wiped my eye and my hand had bicycle grease on it, so then I had to flush it out of my eye. Needless to say, whatever it was I had planned on telling you went down the drain with the bicycle grease.
  5. You are the man. I dunno why I hadn't sent you one already!
  6. There's nothing wrong with swearing, I was just brought up to not speak like that. But it's kind of a hypocrisy, being taught to not swear by parents that do. And I am totally fine with others swearing. I just don't do it myself.


    Why is it that I haven't sent you a friend request yet? It's a bit odd. Well, I will rectify that right now.
  7. Oh you are quite welcome you sexy adult man, you.
  8. I don't know if you should see the movie. I haven't seen it either.
  9. PS i'm addicted to this song now
  10. I have not seen that movie. SHOULD I?
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. If you've seen The Green Hornet movie with Seth Rogen, then you've seen Jay Chou. Jay played Kato in the movie.
  12. That is weird. Jay is a Taiwanese singer/songwriter/composer who has worked with many big names throughout Asia, but especially those in Taiwan and Hong Kong. He even did a song with Kobe Bryant (I know, weird right?) for an awareness thing and Slam Dunk competition in Hong Kong. After I watched the video, I thought this could totally be your theme song. I will PM you the English translation so you know what he's actually saying.
  13. This dude is a boss. So he's Jay Chou, and the title is Che? Weird! I got my name from an EGM editor from a long time ago, Che Chou.!/chespace
  14. Yeah, I was listening to my Jay Chou albums, and this song came up. It reminded me of you, because of the name of it. It's called "Che". Also, this is the first time I've seen the music video, so...yeah.

  15. Um...O...Kay.
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