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    Hello Meigumi, if you are still on this site, then I can't believe that I haven't been back in three years. I'm a little surprised at how much I missed
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    Meigumi? Still lurking around are ya? xD
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    Whats up Meigumi?
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    It came with it. I don't mind having to renew it, so long as it does it's job.

    You ever play the high speed one too much and then when you switch to normal, it feels too slow? I wonder if the slow was put in there to counter that. It would've been a stroke of genius if the load times could be sped up (explaining why they're so long), but alas...

    Ironically, when they made the Sentinel role for Serah and Noel, they both share a unique skill. Noel got Mediguard while Serah got... It all makes sense.

    I kinda find it a little ridiculous how society moved on for 400+ years and once he pops out of his freezer, they just accept him as their leader. Though, Alyssa was apparently behind much of the work, including the creation of the proto fal'Cie. (Granted, that worked out bad, but...)
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    Hey Meigumi, I've being around in the Internet looking for Inspiration, Just like ever, And thanks to several new Youtube Clips i've seen, I have gathered some nice ideas.

    However, I'll keep them for myself for now, But when you're about to start making Elyon's Sprites, Then i got some clarified results on how i want it, Absolutely sure.

    Anyway, How it goes for you?
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    500, yeah. It's a laptop, and it works great. Has one-year protection, so I'm set until then.

    Anti-grav, right? Yeah, I often jump just for that. Lol.

    I gotta be careful with our game. Looking at the bestiary I have so far, there might be some That One Bosses.

    She had a Coliseum DLC, of course with a crummy 7% drop rate. She's getting another one this month detailing her fight with Caius. I was hoping all the original six would come back as DLC with the following roles:

    Fang: Commando
    Lightning: Ravager
    Vanille: Saboteur
    Sazh: Synergist
    Hope: Medic
    Snow: Sentinel

    Well... HALF of those came true, and Snow is coming out as DLC, too.

    Funny, cause that's like the only time he uses it. For the rest of the game he just holds it. Though I do like Hope much more in this game, he's thankfully matured.
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    From which direction does the lighting come from (covered in first question though)
    Meh, I was talking about a Width x Hight (IE 600 x 800 is a standard resolution)

    I've got all of the info I need though, so I'll get started!

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    Yeah, and it's not the first time it happened.

    I can see that, and it can be useful for dodging monsters to an extent. Yeah, I basically have about 20 or so monsters waiting for a guide, lol.

    They really messed up with the drop rates in this game. Fencer is a notorious monster that has a useful infusion ability for commandos, but it has an abyssmal 5% drop rate.

    I suppose, though it needed a lot more Lightning. Fortunately, she has a DLC coming up, so there's that. Last game I played with time travel was Chrono Trigger. I suppose my expectations were a bit too high for this one.
  9. Don't be expecting too much activity from me this week. Feeling crap since Monday. ;_;
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    Sorry for the late reply, my computer died and I had to get a new one. >_<

    Anyway, I agree about the jumping, though there was nothing wrong with auto-jumps. And after playing through Academia 500... I just hope it's better implemented in the future, should it return.

    The monster system is also really good, though only a handful of monster builds are floating around on GameFAqs.

    The story is kinda weak, though, I feel. They use the paradox excuse way too much.
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    Will do.

    What are the style of the battle sprites?
    Color Limit?
    Where does the lighting come from?
    Is there a size limit?
    Can I get those Palletes?
    Are there black outlines or colored outlines?
    Are you tired of hearing questions?
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    But can it adjust transparency levels? (example available)

    Umm, as long as they are in an image format, also, who's done? (I'd like to see them) and who's left?
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    Hello, I was randomly browsing (actually that's a lie, I occasionaly check the VM log to weed out spam), and I saw some RPG Maker VX sprites.

    I am intrigued.
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    Hey, need help with the RPG sprites? (Is it still goin on?) I can help (I would be doing FX, but Elyon doesn't know if RPG Maker supports the Alpha transparency they would need)
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    lol, But this is good enough, Now im curious on how you will make his Battle Sprites though.
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