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  1. Not really sure, some of the ones I looked at are for vB5 - I've gotta find one compatible with 4.2 first.
  2. How much money we talkin for these mods?
  3. Ty loco!!
  4. I sure do! Skype name is... uh... lococolt04!
  5. do you use skype?
  6. SQEX shared the Theatrhythm review on Twitter, so that usually helps! Who knows whether they'll stay though... that's the tricky part.
  7. A lot of newbies joining recently, hey?
  8. I laughed more than I should have.
  9. haah im so glad you recognized my little pun! Even if it was a minus 8 on the lame scale.
  10. If it shows them registering with a yellow exclamation point icon, then yeah - and they're seeing a No Permissions message to go along with it.
  11. On the 'who's online' section, it shows 10 people registering. Are these spam bots or something?
  12. Heh.
  13. lol, maybe I am the biggest instigator. Look what has happened.
  14. If the thing exists and they let us ship to your market, absolutely. Dibs are all yours. If they don't let us ship to your market... we'll figure something out. Or just withhold review until after you've played and reviewed (assuming releases will be close to one another (assuming the damn thing ever exists)).
  15. Can I have Dibs on the FF7 remake review when it happens? I promise you the most in depth review you have ever witnessed.
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