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  1. Happy belated Birthday old old timer
  2. I did it, I got older!
  3. Happy Birthday old timer
  4. I sent the invite your way!
  5. Sorry for the late reply, xmas shopping went on for longer than I thought it would haha.

    Umm because my skype account is just my msn one but merged, I don't really know what my skype name is. But the address i use is if that helps.
  6. I need your Skype name in order to add you to the conference though!
  7. Aye, today! As in, 3.5 hours from right now, give or take a bit! I want to get the call started and have everyone on before we do the drawing.
  8. Hi Loco, just wanted to say i'd be up for the skype conference thing, I think it'l be around 5pm in my timezone. And it's this Saturday? Thanks a lot
  9. Hey thanks, I'll have to try that in the future. I couldn't remember if there was like a blog admin or anyone who knew anything about their settings so I just thought "LocoColt knows stuff, I'll ask him"
  10. Hmm. I'm not positive! If you want it to show in the stream though, you can always delete and repost. :3
  11. Hey Loco, I'm not really sure who to ask but I accidentally made a Blog entry a draft and when I changed it back to 'Publish Now' as per the FAQ it still won't appear on the Activity Stream. It only shows if you go to the blog home page as if it was still pending or a draft.

    Is there another option i've missed?

    Thanks for you help, and if you don't know, sorry to bother you
  12. I've been trying to figure out who they guy in your avatar is for the longest time, but then I replayed VI and facepalmed. Go Edgar
  13. Haha nooo, not in the slightest.
  14. Surprised I could talk?
  15. Gasp. !!!
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