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    Thanks a lot colt, that is greatly appreciated!
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    You sir are my hero. Here have a cookie. ^_^
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    I saw. It was the right move. He was harassing people who had no contact with him whatsoever. It was rude, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was doing it just to be an asshole.

    Hopefully that will lessen the amount of drama on this forum.
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    Admittedly, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he has a good heart.
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    Nah, it was my friend who had drawn my attention to your community. Seems he had been checking the site out (as another FF fanboy), and nominated me for some awards or something? (great to hear something's going on) Then the incomparable loaf made a snide remark, and he then had his posting privileges revoked. That's when he drew my attention here, and when I messaged you, because I'm done with the dramatics and pathetic attempts at a saving throw by your users. Hence I didn't have it in me to snoop around and uncover the source of my friend's complication. Needless to say, yet another devout member lost to you.
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    What's going on, Colt? Why am I being summoned to TFF once again? This is getting very annoying.
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    Yeah, somehow I doubt it, bro.

    You enjoy your internet too?
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    One day you'll thank me. At least that's my hope (for the sake of TFF).

    Provided the Brothers Dim stop VM'ing me, you won't see me anymore. But they've begun to accept the fact that there is no defense against Doucheray Vision.
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    I wish there was a "like" button for visitor messages. You should consider that for the next forum update.
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    I don't fart. Ladies never fart. And if I do, it smells like roses. Shit-covered roses.
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    I was consulting the rules, and was going to express just how many rules he's broken, but then I read down the list to "back seat modding," and realized that if I did that, I would ironically be in violation of the rules myself.

    In my defense, in my own head, I am a king, which far, far outranks administrators and moderators. In reality, on the other hand, I'm just an ass clown. So I'm going to do the decent thing, and stick my foot in my mouth now, before I stir anybody else up. Like Benjamin Franklin.
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    I tried the calm , logical way. I was met with a complete
    twist on EVERYTHING I had said and intended.

    All I said was, "Hey, I'm not down with a board that has 5 posts (without me) a day. See ya! <3"

    I admitt, my words to you were strong, but only in the hopes that change would spark...

    The result was user after user accusing me of being a whiny troll... For wanting better for the place they claim to love...

    You see the issue here? The silliness of it all? One of YOUR members came to ME, so I could defend myself, and keep advocating the future of THEIR community... Exiled for defending THEM...

    When I put it that way, I don't even care anymore. I hope this place crashes and burns.
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    Jesus christ, people here need to retain the words they read...

    Staff AS A WHOLE are to blame! You represent that Staff, furthermore, YOU ARE COMMUNITY MANAGER...

    Do you know why I'm speaking to you? I'm a 3-time board owner/admin. I came to you because you're the most active, the most passionate (it serms, anyway). You were the only one I felt I had a chance to get through to.

    This isn't personal. For probably the 15th ****ing time... It's about TFF...
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    I'm gonna get real with you right now Colt, because I feel it's what you need.

    Get off your ****in' ass! It's bad enough he gave you the body and bravado of a sloth, for god's sake, don't perpetuate the stereotype.

    Find 1 hour a day to brainstorm storm some contests/activities, events, ANYTHING ... Now that you've done their job for them, Rally the Team and make those things happen.

    Reach out to all affiliates, work with them to plug/feature your board.
    Reach out to all OLD MEMBERS, Send a GLOBAL email to every address on the board telling people to COME BACK for all the good stuff you came up with and made happen...

    If you cared, you wouldn't have stood by watched this place die.

    You've been a terrible Admin these last 2-3 years... Someone had to tell you...

    I'm sorry... But this is what you need... To wake up and smell the decay.
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    Sorry I've been super busy but things should settle down next month and I can give you some more articles!
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