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  1. Pot.

    or Bourbon or Beer but I'm just a pot head who can drink.
  2. Tito's is received well but not being a vodka person does little good. Gin then? Rum? Some form of alcohol?
  3. Nope, tastes gross to me. Also not a Vodka person but I just don't like Tito's, guess I'm a snob haha.
  4. Bad memories of Tito's?
  5. Aw man I don't want this complex overrun with Metal Slimes.
  6. I hope slimes overrun your house for what you did. Getting rid if DQ VIII. You know what make that LIQUID Metal Slimes so you won't be able to get rid of them
  7. 2nd greatest Cid ever! Next to Balthier's crazy dad Dr. Cid.
  8. I was referring to the other dude saying no human enemies. Saying it to you.
  9. I would think everybody would know that Imperials were human & would not need to be brought up. I was listing the humanoids, besides humans, in the game.
  10. Yes and no. I've always wanted to be the BK or Jack. If I was the BK my plan was the buy like 20 Buck Doubles and pass them around.
  11. Did your Halloween idea have inspiration from Rad OMEN?
  12. 21 and in Vegas... HUZZAH!
  13. D Backs.

    I don't keep up with the sport as much as I used to.
  14. Yeah, they aren't looking good, though it is early in the year I doubt they'll make a good run. I wish that for once they can put their whole team on the field (Beltran and Murphy are on the DL); injuries are still a thorn in our side. But with all our players back I don't see much "drive"; the players still there from the '06 season lost that "killer instinct" when the Mets lost game 7 of the 2006 NLCS.

    Who's your team?
  15. P.S. Mets suck.

    P.S.S. So does my team.
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