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  1. yup lol. still smokin, i just enjoy it too much
  2. you keen on the herb?
  3. chillin, smokin
  4. Nice to see you're still active matey, how's it going?
  5. Pfft i havent tried Kinect but yeah move is crappy in a big way
  6. they both suck
  7. Well then i guess i failed, although Kinect is still much better than playstation move
  8. I own a computer. That's it, I don't play console...I'm just good at them. It comes with the title "Master Gamer".
  9. Tutt you must be quite terrible then. You has Kinect do you cause i was confused and i already own a Nintendo Wii so i really cant see what use move is. but yeah so Kinect PS3 definitely have that right..right?
  10. I'm so good I don't own a 360.
  11. I would gladly accept a Halo challenge from you. I PWN(actually i beat rocky once out of the however many times we played so i fail)
  12. Oh yeah just something i wanted to say really about posting twice on the thread about the FF character id like to meet in real life i posted first before i got XIII
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