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  1. Yup. Its kind of horrible but I guess I'll get used to it XD
  2. I mean, being an adult is like being a kid except you have responsibility.
  3. I wish I was a kid again.
  4. Ah! Yeah I remember being the only one to add the extra F in the welcome threads all those years back. OMIGAWD to be a kid again.
  5. You're like the only person I know who calls it that lol. We just say TFF probably because I only go to the forums.
  6. Oh! It's The Final Fantasy Forums! =D
  7. Your Forum title says "TFFF Ghost" what is the extra F? Female?
  8. Extra F? Not sure what you mean /stupid
  9. What is the extra F mean
  10. I actually don't really like fish but I'll eat sushi all day. I can eat calamari, shrimp, crab, oysters but not fish lol.
  11. Sushi is pretty good =D I'm also a Salmon and Sardine fan
  12. Yeah I'm picky fish eater. Get some sushi though.
  13. Okay, deal! I loves me the fish!
  14. I'll take the chips, you can take the fish.
  15. Fish & Chips?
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