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  1. For cakes, or any other below stated.
  2. What kind of picture are you wondering about? A cake picture? A picture of a bonsai? A mug shot?
  3. You never provide a picture.
  4. Hey! I thought I was the one who makes cakes here! Here's a lemon for you to make another one, while one of us listens to Annie Lennox's Sweet Dreams. "Zest"
  5. Sounds terrible
  6. Maybe you're just waking up or falling in a spinning house. It was just soft RP and an Oz spoof. The other troll is dead by the way. Dumbnot gets knocked into another reality. Kyreaan is out of a gun and floating through hyperspace.
  7. Soooo, We're all dead?
  8. Kyra gets really antsy and starts to tightly grip the sword that Kyreaan gave to her. The sword responds and casts Meteor. Adventure over.

    Ps. No worries.
  9. Blah. Thanks?

    PS, I'm putting our adventure on hold. I have a few too many things going on here.
  10. Kyreaan, Kyra, and Dumbnot stop at the edge of the forest while Kyra noticed another. This second troll had a yellow-greenish skin where as Dumbnot was more of a light purple. Dumbnot turns to Kyreaan and speaks in an almost intelligent manner, a rare occurrence indeed. "I know this one, Ki-run. Hees the un who kept stealing apples from pretty women on the ro-ad. Can I see that sun ray?"

    Kyreaan held out his Bio-E Dualing Pistol, so that Dumbnot could reach out to grab it. It was beautiful in the scenery as the wind slowly crawled throughout and over the bush and trees. A siren's song could be heard as it seemed to drown out the rest of the sound in the world. The three looked as if they were held in the magic of it all. Leaves fell gently towards the earth and sod. The pinkish hue of the sky over head became even more candra. The luminescence of the orange borders in the clouds lit the area where the second troll stood, hunched over and eating his apples.
  11. They travel further down the yellow bricked road for what almost seemed like an eternity until they noticed something was out of place.

    "Another Troll?" Kyra asked.
  12. Kyreaan starts to remember all the acts of stupid evil this troll did in that other reality. "Let's go, Dumbnot. I know a Wizard we're seeing." -,-
  13. Man, putting me on the spot like this. Geeze man.

    Upon arrival, Kyra took out her boradsword preparing for a fight.

    "No no no, Kyra put that away. We don't need that yet" Kyreaan said noticing what Kyra was prepared to do.

    Kyra sighed and said, "What the hell did you give me this for if I can't use it?"

    "You'll see Kyra, you'll see"
  14. "All right. You still got that broadsword I gave you? Let's go. I'll ready a magic skill for wind in case I feel like dropping a house on it, yes?", Kyreaan jokingly inquires.

    Kyreaan and Kyra start walking along and head away from the spiral. The scenery has changed much since most have ever travelled. Kyreaan reaches into his clothing and pulls out his Bio-E Dualing Pistol as he sees a troll he hasn't seen in ages.

    "Dumbnot? It's been quite a while." -,-
  15. Follow the yellow brick road to the 2nd rainbow. He's standing right there.
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