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  1. Sir, Where did you go?
  2. And Aye, I see you're making sure I get my referral gil I see. I don;t really care about gil here, but if you insist...
  3. Yes, very yummy.
  4. It's about time
  5. I got what you were asking.
  6. Ok. Well, investigate.
  7. I do. I just haven't had the time to investigate.
  8. *Looks* Hi.

    You know there's a general talk discussion in that group, right?
  9. *Poke*
  10. I got that last one Everything else that you say that seems to lead to a movie quote somehow, I don't really get. You're another person who I need to google everything they say or I won't get it. The car stealing don't come without asking him first. I just say that I steal things because it's a fun phrase.
    I'll google the first thing eventually. I just have a few things at school to take care of. I also have some friends wandering around the library and I don't want them to see what I do.
  11. I should be able to search through the link on your sig. I have already looked through some if it. My name really is said as 'Ki-run', yet some might have said it differently. It is a name I have used since FFVII first came out on the PS1. I used it as the name for Cloud. It is an old word that means, "single, bipedal sentient being."

    If you would count online guilds that leave, I have been on 5 RP thread sites total. These boards would be my 4th. That guild was supposed to be for EQII, but I never got to play a MORG. I ended up going to college, so my collector's edition of EQII never got played. The closest I ever got to a MORG was the single player mode of Neverwinter Nights. I've been on dot hack Integral, a RP Battle test site for Digimon, and It won't allow searching without profile parameters, but I used the same name on Stratics.

    I did start writing a fan guild, which is what I should call it. It's for FFXIV. It's the fan social group I put here for Anne Hathaway. Do you like Anne Hathaway?
  12. It's in another forum. There's a link to it in my signature.

    It's 'Ki-rah'. The name stands for Sun or 'Light' I think. I'm sure there are other meanings because I found another meaning for it in a google search. I'd still go for the Latin meaning though. Her bio is quite hard to find. It's in the RP chat of the forum which has over 1000 posts. If you're interested, I can forward it to you in a PM.
  13. That sounds like a character I would like to see. Are you writing this character here or is it on another forum? Is it 'Ki-rah' or 'Kear-ra'?
  14. That's a long story. My first username on another forum was RinoaKari. I had that for about 4 years then I decided to change it. Most people had already started to call me RK, so I didn't want to drop the R. The name Kyra comes from an RP character I'm writing about. I like the name. In other words, the R stands for Rinoa...
  15. Sadly, I do not have any pictures of the below stated. However, if I ever get the means or given the means I will send a picture if you'd like. Just ask me later. What does the R. stand for?
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