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  1. It's a creature from Star Trek. They multiply everywhere. Just don't let them get all over the boards.
  2. Sorry, I seem to be in a serious daze when I first wake up! On the risk of sounding like an idiot, I have to ask, what exactly is tribble?
  3. I was talking about the tribble that I gave you. is multiplying.
  4. huh? what things? What did I miss, I am new @ all this please go easy on me!!!
  5. You don't think those things will multiply here do you?
  6. Never a dull moment huh!?! Lots of love & keep fighting the good fight!
  7. Cool. I forgot to give to you something else, your tribble from Iota Geminorum IV.
  8. Thanks, yummy!
  9. Hi. I have nothing to do. I decided to give away free cakes. I made one just for you too. It's a nicely packed pink sugar coated funnel rice cake. Here you go.

    Please enjoy.
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