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  1. Well it's bloody cold in my little pocket of the country right now, apart from that, all's sweet.

    As for that last part, try Aussie dating sites. Some girls go ape for foriegners for some reason.
  2. Aside from the other problems going on in Australia, is it still nice to travel over? Let me know if you find any older rich hot Aussie women who would like to adopt.
  3. Yea. That's just what I mean. I'm not complaining though. I think it's kind of funny.
  4. I think you're right Koran.
    Way too many people spell it wrong.
  5. Tell your bubbleheaded friend over there it's 3rd Birthday <;<.

    I think I need an award for most misspelled name. What do you think?
  6. You should write down the order, so people know what the Furore is. Maybe it could be almost the same, but you find something better to switch one of the spirits you use. You know?
  7. Bikes and golf buggies are all I've done.
    A Furore would have to be some kind of bastardised Mai Tai with a little extra kick.
  8. Hey. I just came up with a great idea. That martini order should be called The Kyreaan. You should come up with a drink order and call it Furore. Then, we can let it spread through cyberspace, so it becomes global.
  9. I noticed you were the leader of a couple of groups. Now, I like the fact I gave my martini order to the leader of the Drinkers. Just remember who told you. I also saw the Jin Peace solo you started. I saw a nice looking beaver dam built in an urban area recently. It reminded me of the rules set forth by the US Department of Interior concerning protected lands of US soil. Even bike riders and jeep owners have to look up on where they can go. You ever go out on dune buggies in the Down Under?
  10. Not sure. The Great Dividing Range is more NSW I think, the Victorian one is the Victorian Alps. Biggest mountain here is Mt. Koziosko (sp?) though.
  11. So you went to Furore? Nice, mate. I'm not sure what the context is, but it'll work. What's that big mountain range in Australia that's famous and looks like the Olympus Mons? Is it The Great Dividing Range I'm thinking of near Victoria?
  12. Dunno actually, neither are really my thing. I suppose we have Tooheys 5 seed cidar, which I've had a couple times an it didn't taste bad - nothing to compare it too though, so I have no idea how it's compete against the good stuff.
  13. I wasn't saying it was Australian. I was speaking of rum in general. Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum and all that. Where's the Aussies when it comes to mead and cider? I would say I love Aspel cider. It's a dry cider made in Britain.
  14. Man, I bloody love Captain Morgan. Didn't think it was Australian though.
    As much as I like Bundaberg, Captain Morgan and Coruba can rape it.
  15. Bundaberg Rum, you say? Arr, matie. I'll keep that in mind. There's another that is good called Capt.Morgan Private Stock. A lot of people seem to agree. Now as far as bourbon, I tend to lean towards Scotch like Johnnie Walker Black label. There are other labels, but I've only tried Red and Black. Black's better. There's something about Red label that is a little off. Other labels can get really pricey. I've only tried synthetic absinthe (spell check search), but I never tried the real version with wormwood.

    I never had Gin as my drink either until I had a certain type in a martini. It's the only way I can drink Gin now. Try a dry Hendrix Gin, straight up (no ice), chilled glass, shaken, and with 2 olives. It made me curious on what better Gins might be out there.
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