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  1. I'm always going to care. I sort of come from a 'care till you drop' type mentality, being, you know, Scottish in ancestry. Having red hair gets you a lot of ginger jokes, and being pale skinned (even for a white guy) gets you a lot of ghost jokes, and biting your chapped lips in nervousness all the time makes them red, so the combination of the three either makes me look like Male Dark Phoenix or Shiro Amakusa, I'm not sure which is funnier.
  2. It's a shame jrpgs are nowhere near what they used to be, and as time goes one even less and less people are going to care. Square had every chance with the success of Bravely Default and they've done jack shit.
  3. Hello Joe!

    Got chewing gum...pla? Didn't mean to macross missile massacre anybody. I'm big into JRPGs from the 1990's, back when I was a pre-teen/teenager, like most people are most nostalgic for. I was also way into Zen Meditation back then, but everyone seems intent on interrupting me at it these days. I am in a very Christian environment, and they really are kind of iffy on Zen and the violence they tend to associate with Kung Fu. I like techniques, my mom taught me techniques, but conditioning wore me out a little, so I quit karate class.

    Say hi to your Gumplas for me.
  4. Hey bud i meant you no ill will. Haven't been here in a wee while and to see the posts from the past week or so just be a continual back and forth made me want to make a thread that might generate some kind of dialogue, even if it's pretty generic. And then to see it 'devolve into nonsensical bullshit' like the other threads just russled my jimmies.
    I don't really see much of a future for this place in its current state, and there's barely anyone active anymore, so i figure those who're still left could at least try to have some kind of an actual discussion. You can call me Joe, i'm into hard rock, New Vegas and building Gunpla, and I think Tumblr's a fucking hellsite.
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