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  1. Damn...its been like a whole year almost...XD Anyway, I'm still into Pokémon, but I've been kinda on and off for other things. If you have Skype or something, it would be easier to talk to you since I'm there almost all the time. We can talk about it sometime if you want. Creating new sets on Mons is what I do best, hehe
  2. Hmm I haven't played competitive Pokemon since late gen V so I might be a bit behind on what's good and relevant but that seems like a really good team. Jolteon and Venusaur were top tier when I played (as Choice Spec and Sun sweepers respectivly) and Rydon was a decent Stealth Rock setter with Eviolite. Have you considered Starmie at all? It's pretty fast and powerful with Life Orb equipped and not to mention it can carry Rapid Spin too (Surf, Psychic/Psyshock, Ice Beam, Rapid Spin maybe?). I'd really love to get back into competitive battling but my internet can't cope with it lol building the team and stratigizing was what i loved best.

    And hey don't worry about repling late, sometimes life can take over XD it's great to see you're back though, there's a Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby thread if you'd like to talk about it, it might motivate me to post about it too
  3. I played a couple ES games before, including but not limited to Skyrim. As for my Favorite Gen VI Starter, I cannot decide, because I actually love them all...XD I got Omega Ruby for my Birthday, and I have been working on that for a few days now. Already whooping ass online with my Gen 1 Team: Tempest the Mega Pidgeot, Drill Bit(h the Rhydon, SP1K3Y the Jolteon, Aniki the Venusaur, Ruin the Rapidash, and Suijin the Lapras. This team has not lost a single Online match so far, and I have fought against decently strong and smart Trainers. I am curious as to what you think of this team?


    I am terribly sorry for the really late reply...I've been quite busy as of late...again. Distractions everywhere I tell you...XD
  4. Hey Ryu, it's good to see you're back here posting again. I haven't played X or Y for a while now so there's nothing immediate I can think of, although I have to say that Chesnaught is my favourite out of the starters. They really broke the trend of having the Grass starter as the useless one. If I still did competitive battling i'm sure there'd be plenty of opportunities to use Chesnaught just because it's so versatile.

    On the other hand, Greninja is pretty disappointing in terms of the attacks it can learn and the tm's available during the main part of the game. Which starter is your favourite?

    Final Fantasy VI and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion have been taking up most of my time as of late, especially Oblivion, it's really addictive. I'd like to try and make Orlandeau from FF Tactics for my next character, or maybe Bronn from Game of Thrones. I think I enjoy the idea of making characters more than playing the game Have you played any Elder Scrolls games?
  5. So, I was wondering if there was anything about Pokémon X & Y you wanted to talk about, or if you already moved on to other games?
  6. Cool ^_^ Anyway, TTT2 is pretty good, but only really fun when others play with you. Pokémon Y is taking over everything right now...LULZ If you wanna add me on my 3DS its: 5172-0324-2991. I also just started Playing MSGO("Mobile Suit Gundam: SD Capsule Fighter Online" for the PC). I have also been watching MSGW, and some LR: FFXIII Let's Play(Japanese of course).
  7. Yeah I got Y the day it was released too, it took me about a week to finish it and get all the Mega Stones etc. I picked up X the other day too, and hopefully i'll be able to the the guide book tomorrow if places have it in stock.

    I'd be happy to add you, my friend code is in the online tags thread, but i won't always be available to trade etc, so if you could vm me first that'd be great. Which starter did you pick? Out of the three I think Chespin is my favourite, it consistently learns decent moves which is not something you get from most Grass types.

    As for other games, I beat Exdeath, Omega, and Shinryu on FFV and now I'm just running around getting all the good weapons and armor before I tackle the bonus dungeon for the first time.

    I saw you're playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2, what do you think of it?
  8. Yo, I got Y on the day of release, so if you want to add me, let me know. I finished the game, and will be breeding/training some new Pokémon for Online Play. Did you get any of the games yet? To answer your earlier question: I have been Playing Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012, Pokémon Black 2, Pokémon Y, Mortal Kombat 9, Tekken Revolution, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters. Trying to finish Darksiders II, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Demon's Souls, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What have you been up to?
  9. I hope you're back in time for X and Y, who else am I gonna talk about it with?
  10. Hey sorry I haven't replied sooner, I've just been so busy with course work it's hard to keep up with everything here.

    What games are you playing at the moment? I've just started playing FFV again with a vengeance, I just need to get the Legendary Weapons before taking on the Void. Oh and i'm two thirds of the way to having the Spell Blade, Dual Wield, and Barrage combo on Faris and Bartz. Ranger is the only Job they need to master to get it.
  11. Sorry Kurt...So many distractions have kept me from progressing more into FFVIII unfortunately. I will continue Playing it eventually, I just really want to finish some other stuff first before I delve into a new game(old game but new for me).
  12. Hey Ryu, have you made any progress with VIII? I'd be great to hear about it in that thead you made
  13. It probably wouldn't hurt to wait for a couple of other people to respond first, but thanks for asking.
  14. Should I tell you if you got the answer right or wrong, or should I wait till other people answer first?
  15. Check out my new thread:

    I have put up the new info regarding Pokémon X and Y in that thread including the trailer showcasing the new info. Enjoy

    Discuss the info in the thread, and if you like it, then click the like button for the info I provided for you guys ^_^
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