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  1. I played a couple ES games before, including but not limited to Skyrim. As for my Favorite Gen VI Starter, I cannot decide, because I actually love them all...XD I got Omega Ruby for my Birthday, and I have been working on that for a few days now. Already whooping ass online with my Gen 1 Team: Tempest the Mega Pidgeot, Drill Bit(h the Rhydon, SP1K3Y the Jolteon, Aniki the Venusaur, Ruin the Rapidash, and Suijin the Lapras. This team has not lost a single Online match so far, and I have fought against decently strong and smart Trainers. I am curious as to what you think of this team?


    I am terribly sorry for the really late reply...I've been quite busy as of late...again. Distractions everywhere I tell you...XD
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    Only really the airport, and drove through a bit of the middle before heading for Raglan (and the same on return). I was checking out a place in Raglan that I'm going to be working in from March next year. My girlfriend and I are considering whether to move to Raglan or Hamilton, actually.

    New Plymouth and Plamerston North confused me for the longest time. Now that I've visited both it's not so bad.
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    I've been visiting Hamilton/Raglan today and yesterday. Never had cause to stop until now. Nice region you've got here.
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    The second season of Vikings finished only just finished about a month ago, but theres at 19 episodes for you at least. 9 in the first season, 10 in the second. Also note that while the story is an embelished drama, they are based upon real events, which is why its aired on the history channel. You should enjoy, me and my parents really did and they are fans of GoT too!
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    He's actually Jarl Borg from the show Vikings that aired over the History channel. Fantastic show about the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok, who was a legendary viking warlord and its about his rise to glory and the events that lead upto the great viking war against england. I highly reccomend it.
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    Actually, it's the very first Tekken Tag, the one on PS2, which by the way I used to play a lot in arcades. Luckily, no DLC's there. Tekken 4 is my least favorite in the series, that being said it's still a pretty good game. Seeing Kazuya return in Tekken 4 was beyond awesome back in the day.

    One thing I hate while purchasing second hand video games is when I don't get a booklet/manual with it, not that it matters when it comes to newer games as most have shity uninspired booklets/manuals. There were few instances where I would get a booklet/manual but it's on a completely different language, for instance my FF XIII booklet/manual is completely in French. I did however get this huge awesome map-poster with my copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

    Well, thank you kind sir.
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    Well, you can't go wrong with Metal Gear, thus my recommendation.

    Aside fairly high prices video game choices in this area are sadly limited, for instance there's barely any support for Nintendo consoles. I would resort to ebay and such but shipment to this god forsaken place is absurdly expensive. I did however get Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4 really, really cheap so it's not all bad.
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    It seems we have a misunderstanding here, I have yet to play Guns of the Patriots, that and Snake Eater. My apologies if it's on my part.

    I plan on playing Guns of the Patriots and Snake Eater first, sadly can't seem to find either at half decent price here. From what I saw and read Ground Zeroes seems to be nothing short of an over glorified demo, expensive on at that. Angry Joe did a pretty good review on it.
  9. I squealed when i saw ur sig xD Rambi and Enguarde the swordfish have always been my fave animal buddies ^^ hope ur enjoying the DK games tho im not quite sure how different they are from the SNES versions which I played way back on the christmas holiday of the same year you were born! hehee =)
  10. So, I was wondering if there was anything about Pokémon X & Y you wanted to talk about, or if you already moved on to other games?
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    I've finally beaten FF XIII the other day, contrary to popular opinion Orphan's second form was to my surprise rather easy. Right now I'm going through remaining missions, I plan on obtaining all trophies which will be quite a task to say the least. The amount of CP and GIL I need is insane. I've been farming tortoises for the last two days and even with Collectors Catalog/Connoisseur equipped loot is quite scarce. I have yet to find a single trapezohedron. I managed to collect 3 million GIL though which is from what I understand nothing more than pittance in the world of FF XIII.

    It's starting to get tedious, luckily I bought Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction so I'll be playing that in between. How's MGS: GOP, I hear it's one of the saddest games ever to be released, it's definitely on my "to buy" list.

    Also, have you seen trailer for Transformers 4? From the looks of it humans still play a huge role even though Bay promised to tone it down a bit.
  12. Happy Birthday KZ
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    Honestly, none of the characters stand out to me, overall they are okayish, I guess, but can be downright annoying sometimes. If I had to choose I would go with Vanille, I'm one of few who thinks her accent is lovely, plus she's a charming person.

    You do get to pick out your own party, though pretty late in the game which is kinda stupid to say the least. I went with Lighting (COM, RAV, MED), Hope (RAV, SYN, MED) and Vanille (RAV. SAB. MED), great party for fast buffs and debuffs, Lighting's a powerhouse, combined with two Ravagers they do stagger pretty quick, plus three Medics do come in handy. However, I made a huge mistake early in the game of choosing poor weapons for Vanille and Hope, emphasising strength over magic, now I'm working on fixing that.

    As for the game itself, cons outweigh pros by far, despite that I'm really enjoying it. As you said, the battle system is really fun, it's also somewhat more challenging than previous games. Do keep me updated on your progress, you're the only person i can discuss XIII that hasn't already played it to death.
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    I'm a way ahead of you. As I said I've been playing it quite a bit these day, better use my opportunity as I wont be able to do so in next week or two, perhaps even more. Anyways, I'm on chapter 9 and it's still as linear as it gets. I mean X was quite linear but at least it had towns to roam around and NPC's to talk to to ease your journey. The battle system is a lot simpler than I initialy thought, it's easy to get into. So, what do you think of XIII so far?
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    How's your FF XIII playthrough going? I've been playing it quite a bit these days.
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Guess what arrived

by Kurt Zisa on 09-09-2014 at 03:16 PM

For some reason that came out sideways. I'm super excited to play this - too bad I won't be able to start it for another day or so, unless my gf has enough space on her ps3 for a temporary playthrough.

Looking forward to discussing this with you guys just as much. Yay!

1095 days

by Kurt Zisa on 01-21-2014 at 11:03 PM
It's been what, 4 months since I updated this? I've been meaning to since the start of the new year but I kept putting if off for a variety of reasons.

Had a pretty awesome few days of gaming. I beat The Emperor for the first time on Final Fantasy II, and completed Metal Gear Rising Revengence on Easy Mode.

Whenever I'd step foot into Pandemonium i'd get jumped by a group of Dark Knights, or Death Riders, or whatever they're called, and my party would get picked off one

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Pokemon LeafGreen - Meet the Crew Part 2

by Kurt Zisa on 09-18-2013 at 07:22 PM
I know I said this wouldn't get updated all the time, but I figured it would be good to do it every time I beat a Gym, as they start to get a bit more spaced out from now on.

There aren't any new additions to my team, everyone has just leveled up 3 three times and have a couple new attacks.

After posting yesterday's Blog, my team and I have beaten our rival for the 3rd time. Despite having one less Pokemon we were a good two levels ahead of his strongest guy, so if anything

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Pokemon LeafGreen - Meet the Crew

by Kurt Zisa on 09-18-2013 at 01:10 AM
After having Pokemon Blue for the past... 12ish years I've finally got a chance to play it's remake: LeafGreen, and aside from most of the music, I'm really enjoying it.

I want to make a sort of walkthrough Blog of the game as I play through it, just posting my team's stats, moves and my overall progress in the game. It'l be a bit like when I did the Final Fantasy IV Blogs a while ago which you can find if you look back to last year's entries.

Ok, on to the game!

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Updated 09-18-2013 at 01:15 AM by Kurt Zisa


We bought a wii

by Kurt Zisa on 08-04-2013 at 12:46 AM
And i'm not too sure what to do with it. A new EB Games opened up in a shopping center about 40 minutes away from where I lived, so my girlfriend and I went to check it out because why not.

Anyway they had this storewide sale and one of the things they were selling was a pre-owned wii for NZ$84 and then things went like this:

GF: It's so cheap!
Me: yeah i guess it is
GF: we need this!
Me:... really?
GF: We've always wanted one
Me: I only know

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