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    i <3 yooou
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    ohh your lucky i promoted you to zombie lord see
    (shows a book full of scribbles that look like letters)
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    I just watched the video from whence you extracted your username. I don't know what you thought of the video, but I've (literally) only played five hours of the game and that video spoke to me. The story is vague, the characters weak and stereotypical, the graphics are a masquerade for lack of any explorability or interaction with the environment, and the battle system is complete tosh.

    Have you played it? Does my opinion remain valid?

    Sorry for just ranting like this, but I figured you'd be prepared to discuss what you place in your signature, and I also enjoy when somebody participates in ID and knows how to spell and apply correct grammar.
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    ohh i checked and your job will be biting people and turning more people into zombies
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    Lol I see><
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    I always figured it was at least 50% Bullshit o.O
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    Oh I know perfectly well when I've lost. But being wrong isn't the only condition for losing a debate lol. Ask any politician, you don't have to know what you're talking about, you just have to convince people that you do!
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    I always enjoy a good neverending struggle. I'm the type who can be dead wrong, KNOW I'm dead wrong, and still keep going just for the entertainment value lol. Not saying this is true of the present argument, just throwing out there that I NEVER back down from a good debate.
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    My email (one of them) is
    Or but I'm on more on the live(with is msn)
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    Yea I should cus I prouble have a busy day tommarow
    I'm so glad todays over cus I got in a fight with my mom.I was so pissed but for some odd reason I've been realy junpy n tense and I've been getting realy mad easyly...but my mom and I got in a big fight and ..ect I'll tell u more later if u whant but I'm still a bit steamed n if I keep going about it
    I'll prouble get mad at her again n then I'll never be able to go to bed><
    So I guess good night and hope u get some sleep night(and btw what's ur name???????)
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    Well I use to live in cal but I yea but we r the same time zone but I've been working my ass of a lot lately so I've been a train reck but I don't realy whant to tell any of my closr friend n stuff cus the get woried about me n Idk what my bf would say if I told him
    Yesterday I dint fall asleep till 4 and I woke up at 6 so I only got 2 hours of sleep
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    Your still up? Go to bed mister lol jkjk ok well I'm gona go to bed cus its late here
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    Ok thnks tell me when there in ?
  14. View Conversation this is. A hard choice cus I like bolth tipes of cars.but I can't realy make a desichion untill I see the pics lol
    But I'm still thinking the firebird...but the cam sounds fun but I've all ways like firedirds sence I was realy young
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    Yes, there is always a promotion in Gamestop that require a memory card, a bunch of games or an old consolle...But how much this is convenient ? what about the one involving Ps3 slim ? It was a bad joke, believe me ! A lot of people bought the 80G (fat) for almost the same price, and after two month you have to give 2 or maybe 4 games for 99 euros more than the original. There were so many parents and young users that were so mad...

    That's why I'm thinking Gamestop is loosing credibility ! We don't have any chance to take something cheaper, you have to sacrifice videogames and consolles (I took my Ps3 in that way), and because the cost of euro is more than the previous one (lira) our purchasing power is pratically gone.

    But you know: Italy is "the last wheel of the cart" about internet, not all the people got the chance to use it, there are few little towns near my place and they can't reach for the same thing I got. Even in the big city is really difficoult to find Wi fi spot, except for cafes, restaurant...and you have to pay a lot of money, without using you personal laptop.

    That's why I'm thinking Gamestop got great chance to survive in places like this: we have to hope for better times !

    Yesterday evening I started with Fallout 3 XD It was amazing ! I was running from a girl who shouted me because I stoled few things from her house and she caught me XD I think my Karma is pretty gone, now I have to be a very good girl XD

    I added you on my MSN list...oh you're online now ahahah !
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