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    I was just going through the Journals, and I noticed the word bike on one of them. I ride everywhere. I even get paid to do it. Anyway, my question is: Do you still ride?
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    If I won the lottery I could get all the books I want plus the bookshelves I desperately need already.
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    I finished the first book in Sanderson's new series - The Stormlight Archive. There is one main character, Kaladin, who is always in each act. There are a few other side characters that are focused on as well. There are also a few interludes that focus on other parts of the world. They may not vital but I can see where he makes the relevant down the line. Some of the interludes also just build the world.

    The Way of Kings isn't like The Eye of the World where there is a defined evil/objective that the characters must accomplish. This book sets the main plot of this series by the end. There are plenty of twists at the end as well and once more I am wanting to know what will happen and some characters true allegiance. Definitely a good premise.

    Interesting thing I found out about Sanderson's own works is that they are all part of the same universe called the Cosmere. It actually reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy. In the Cosmere there is this thing Adonalsium that was broken into 16 shards. These shards provide the energy to create life on different planets and as well as the source of magic.

    Sanderson has said that the Stormlight Archive is not the overarching story of Shardworld (The Cosmere), that is for another major series. So to clear up: Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker, & Stormlight Archive are all apart of the Cosmere. Mistborn is a trilogy of trilogies. The next book is almost done which will start off the second trilogy. Warbreaker is book 1 of 2, the second being titled so far - Nightblood. Elantris has three books in the series that are loosely connected. After Mistborn: Alloy of Law and A Memory of Light are released he will write 2 books of the Stormlight Archive every 3 years and then write a standalone or sequel to one of the previous series. Then repeat process.

    As for the other Shardworld books he already has a few of them listed:

    The Silence Divine (standalone)
    White Sand (trilogy)
    The Liar of Partinel (Book 1 of 2)
    Dragonsteel (Major epic, won't be written until Stormlight is done)

    I've never heard of an author trying to do something as wide in scope as this. I do think that Dragonsteel may be the overarching story of the Shardworlds. Hopefully he hasn't dreamed to big for the Shardworlds. That he can finish them all and not die or become unable to complete it during this project similar to Robert Jordan.
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    I don't mod general chat.
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    Haven't read it yet. I have picked up reading again since reading 4 books in January. After I finish this book - Goblin Nation (Dragonlance) - I will be reading the first book in Sanderson's epic series.
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    Sucks that the final book is expected in March of 2012. I am awaiting his second book in his epic series "The Stormlight Archive". A lot of books I need to get and still books I have to read.
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    What?! You should have done that after reading the Towers of Midnight. That would have been something to do before the final book is released. I am going to try to do that if I get my necessary reading done.
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    Have you finished Towers of Midnight? I cannot wait till the last book. Sanderson has been able, in the two books he's written, have me wanting the next book. He leaves them on such great cliff-hangers, Towers of Midnight's cliff-hanger being even better than The Gathering Storm's.

    All I can say is that Jordan knew how to end the series. From his notes these books have been really good. Back to the early days of the series good. Though I wonder how Jordan would have done them?
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    Don't start over. Just finish the story and grind to level 50 and rebirth. Also, archery is actually really good. I'm an archer/1H sword build. Healing is actually a staple that everyone uses online, so it doesn't really count toward a build.
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    Aw~ I didn't feel rushed. I was actually meaning to post soon, but just had to do some final touches on a couple of works. But to be honest, I do sometimes need a kick in the rear to get motivated sometimes.
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    Yeah... It's been a while since I've updated it. I plan to do it soon, but just need to finish up a couple more projects.
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    Holy Jesus that video's ridiculous. And yeah, Long Island kids just kind of wind up everywhere. I went to school in Binghamton, and it was mobbed with them.
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    Oh nice. I have a few friends from college who are die hard Bills fans.
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    Are you from Buffalo, or the general area?
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    holy shit I just saw your sig message and died laughing. <3
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Scene from a movie.
[Having pulled over a speeding driver.]
Mac: All right, how about Cat Game?
Foster: Cat Game? What's the record?
Mac: Thorny did six, but I think you can do ten.
Foster: Ten? Starting right meow?
[They go up to the car.]
Driver: Sorry about the...
Foster: All right meow. Hand over your license and registration.
[The man gives him his license.]
Foster: Your registration? Hurry up meow.
Driver: [laughing] Sorry.
Foster: Is there something funny here boy?
Driver: Oh, no.
Foster: Then why you laughing, Mister... Larry Johnson?
[Foster stares at him.]
Foster: All right meow, where were we?
Driver: Excuse me, are you saying meow?
Foster: Am I saying meow?
Driver: I thought...
Foster: Don't think boy. Meow, do you know how fast you were going?
[The man laughs.]
Foster: Meow. What is so damn funny?
Driver: I could have sworn you said meow.
Foster: Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumpin' around all nimbly-bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? DO YOU SEE ME EATING MICE?
[The man is uncontrollably laughing.]
Foster: You stop laughing right meow!
Driver: [Stops and swallows hard.] Yes sir.
Foster: Meow, I'm gonna have to give you a ticket on this one. No buts meow. It's the law.
[Rips off the ticket and hands it to the man.]
Foster: Not so funny meow, is it?
[Foster gets up to leave, but Mac shakes his hands at him, indicating only nine meows.]
Foster: Meow!


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