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  1. Cheers mate yeah feeling old everyday
  2. Happy birthday old timer!!!!
  3. Yeah a couple of thousand years and you will be there, no sweat easy as pie. haha
  4. thanks man, i'm getting up there man almost as old as you haha
  5. Happy birthday brosef talk to you later.
  6. Haha yeah always good to catch up with the fam. I try and play every night haha I have been hooked on MW3 lately but my other latest ones are Ass creed and Rage. I haven't got any Elder scrolls that will be next on my list.
  7. You can go ahead and post of you want ha, I have been at my families house for a little bit catching up with em. I play my xbox whenever I get a chance. Usually I play MW3, or Gears 3 mostly because that is what my friends always wanna play. If I get a chance I love to play a good rpg. Fallout, and the elder scolls games are some of my favorites. Also can't go wrong with a little Borderland.
  8. Just noticed your xbox tag what games you in to? DO you get much time to play?
  9. Did you want to chuck a post into the RP I was going to wait for you before I posted again when ever your ready. How are you anyway?
  10. Oh for sure, just been trying to find some time to sit down, and get a look at it.
  11. Hey bud you still up for that rp
  12. I just posted in the rp hope it is okay I tried to run from yours and hunks lastr posts.
  13. Yeah I am up for it if HUNK is i was just re-reading it actually.
  14. Hey man wondering if you were still down for that rp with HUNK, and myself
  15. You think lol, been that long huh. I had a few problems not to long ago, come to find out my fiance was cheating for quite some time. Dumped her, and moved on. The new girlfriend is a good person all around. So how are your kids doing.
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