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  1. Gemmmmmy...Not much, you?
  2. S'up slacker?
  3. RAWR! =D

    I wanna come home. ;-;
  4. Thanks for the thanks. I think that was what I was trying to say, haha. ^^

    *huggles tight*
  5. *tackle cuddles* <3
  6. Of course I want your huggles! Bob knows we both need 'em. ;-;

  7. Thankies for the Thanks Joey. I wish so too... *huggles*
  8. I think you'd like the game Fur Fighters, you homicidal kitty cat.
  9. Rants are good, and I honestly don't mind. As long as you feel better afterwards. =]

  10. Hai! Thanks for putting up with my rant earlier. No Sleep and stupid stuff does that to me -_- *huggles* You now haz a free pass to totally go nuts if you need to ^^

    Not that you didn't already have one anyway but =P
  11. *tackles and pokes*

    THATS for not saying hi in ages! XD
    I hope all is well. =]
  12. *scratches head* I was just thinking that lol. I could have sworn we were... XD
  13. How have I not friend-ed you yet!? o.O
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