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  1. Yeah, I think that is the same girl! Good, I'm glad. That really is awesome. Friends and now more. It's adorable!!

    Dovahkiin is the perfect name! You can shorten it to Dova and nobody would even question it then BAM- you whip out his full name! I need to see... I love cats way too much.

    Jesus, that X run sounds brutal! Good luck with that one. What's rayman legends? Any good?

    Go do it, then! I'm taking a few double bass lessons every now and then. Trying to up my skill list. It's worth it. Pizza and games are literally what I live for these days!
  2. Pretty sure it's the same girl, she came from Oregon last year to move in with me! She's been my best friend for about 5 or 6 years now.

    We got the kitty today! I'll take pics once he's better settled. I also got food poisoning though. So that's pretty balls. I'm debating what to name him! He came as Toby, but I've been debating Talos or Dovahkiin. or Mister Tibbles.

    As far as games, I'm still playing Maplestory, and I've been working on a No Sphere Grid, No Overdrive, No Summon, No Blitzball FFX run. It's been pretty challenging! I also play a ton of Rayman Legends on steam.

    Music tutoring sounds awesome! I keep meaning to take bass lessons at some point so I can try and train my ear and improve my technique. Also, pizza and games is like, definitely the life.
  3. Engaged, huh? That's amazing! Congratulations! What's she like? Is it the girl you told me about years ago?

    Make sure you send me a picture of this cat. Don't leave me hanging here!

    What games? You know I like those.

    I'm a full time music tutor now. Wasting away my days showing people how to best annoy their neighbours! Fun, fun, fun. Single as a pringle, of course. I'm just no good at picking people. So now I eat loads of pizza and play Destiny and ESO.

  4. Still working in tech support! I'm currently engaged, though! And I'm getting a new cat tomorrow (hopefully) and a puppy next week. Otherwise I'm still gaming and I've been teaching myself to play bass for a few years now. What about you miss?
  5. Good shout! Tarantino is always a good shout, looks great as well.

    Yeah, it sold out fast in my area too. They're fast... But I'm faster!

    So what have you been doing with your life, mister?
  6. I'm jealous! I'm gonna have to see when I can get tickets for my local theater. I think they're sold out for at least a few days after release. I might wait and try and do a double feature with the new tarantino movie too
  7. Pretty much the standard stuff. I've got like half of Norway coming to my house and then I'll eat so much food that I regret life. How about you? Any specific plans?

    Oh, oh, oh... I just booked Start Wars in IMAX 3D. I'm so excited!
  8. Haha, seriously! There's a TFF skype group, but it goes through periods where it's pretty inactive. I miss the MSN days! Got any plans for the holiday season this year?
  9. I think the question is more do I even know my Skype ID anymore. I haven't used it in a looooooooong time. I'm kinda sad that MSN is no more, to be honest. Like, that's where we all used to chat. Super sad times.
  10. Do you still use skype at all? We should chat sometime!
  11. Spimmety spammety spoo. Oh, I'm always around. I drop in from time to time to, like, creep around and stalk people and stuff.
  12. Hey! Spammity spam Spam Spam. You should stop having a life and come back to us!
  13. xD I'm alright, just enjoying a day off. You?
  14. Hey there!!! How are you? X
  15. Hyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Hi.
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