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  1. hey i'm back....tis been a while. Life has been kinda crazy for me. Losing hours at work/vacation and all of that jazz. Hope things are well r well on your side chief. Fill me in eh?
  2. It's been cool bro, work is getting heavy andmy gf breathing down my neck is driving me crazy. Glad your enjoying the nostalgia lol.
  3. Congrats on the girl, I also got a psp. I downloaded Final Fantasy V, VI, VII and Chrono Cross. The graphics are meh but the goodness the nostalgia, are amazing! How r things?
  4. You lose your girl and I have a girl, how ironic. Sorry about that, I know how it feels to break up. I would protest and not work on Christmas. I took Christmas Eve and Christmas off way in advance so they were able to find subs for me.
  5. Things are doing ok on my side, due to work I'm unable to go for christmas...I'm working actually on christmas. Not the afternoon part but the evening shift so it's even more quiet. Ah well, cest la vie. That and my girl and I broke up...tis been a rough few weeks hence why I haven't posted as much but I'm back now and ready to rumble
  6. I'm all better now...I think. This week has been really busy for me, that's why I haven't been on much. Hope your doing well man.
  7. Sorry to hear about mono boss, you feeling any better?
  8. Hey my man, sorry I've been a wall. Time is nonally of mine at the moment lol.
  9. Yo Judge, tis been a while. What's the good word on your side?
  10. haven't bought it yet but my buddy bought me the game for christmas last year and my psp was busted so I couldn't play it plus I already had the game. Last time I did play it, I was using Zidane in the darker realm and I couldn't get past like the 2nd last level, kept getting killed. I'll probably change my strategy when I get a psp when I get paid
  11. How are you doing in Dissidia? Nice choice with the PSP also.
  12. PSP it is! I'm gonna play Dissida again!
  13. Okay, question 1, it has to do with the rep system here. Unless you get Heaven only knows enough rep points you won't be a noob anymore. Question 2, get the PSP, it is way better and you get more bang for you buck.
  14. 2 questions for you judge. 1) Can you explain the green boxes on the profile. Says I'm a noob, is there a way I can not be a noob, and 2. Should I go PSP or DS? PSP allows me to play Dissidia and download final fantasies, but the DS allows me to play mario kart and pokemon...I can't decide. Help me! lol
  15. I've been good, doin alot of reading lately. If your nocturnal you need tonspend more time on here.
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