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  1. That is good, Gerald.
  2. Yeah, I'm a world class lurker, lol.

    Life's been treating me reasonably well. Keeping me busy at the very least.
  3. How is life? I often see you lurking these days, but never posting.
  4. Indeed I saw, sir. expect a call some time. Think you got the +rep for that one. No wait, it was the other one.
  5. Yup, dunno if you saw my post in the thread before deletion or not, but as I said there, keep an eye on the obituaries, we're gonna need a recently opened grave.
  6. lulz, yeah... must've been andro. Sorries. I'll keep you in mind though, sir.
  7. Aww, all those threads got deleted, and i was having so much fun... Anyways, if you're still having that... ahem... body problem... look me up.
  8. You should have access to the Vile, Unlimited subforum now, according to Andromeda. Or did you mean the Social Group? I can give you access to that, as well.
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