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    Aw, congrats.
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    Haha yay! Though I will say, I'm not sure how safe it would be with latex condoms. However, in my own monogamous situation, I'm on the pill and we don't use condoms... so it's not really something I think about. Some say it's fine, some say it can damage the condom. But I'm assuming from your use of "we" that you're in a relationship, so perhaps latex condoms are not currently a concern for you either (or you can afford ****tons of condoms and dgaf idk)

    Anyway, hope it turns out awesome!
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    You're very welcome! Also it has antibacterial/antifungal properties, which is nice. So I've never had any problems "down there" after using it. I prefer it to synthetic lubricants because I know exactly what's going into my body. And it tastes better. Way better.
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    cbf with that thread anymore. I've so much more to say but its completely pointless when people (sasquatch) are just constantly twisting peoples words. Its so ****ing anoyying.
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    Hey, just letting you know I ready your post. I liked it, the part about a scientist acknowledge he may be wrong (about an experiment etc) is interesting. you will have to give me time to think about your post before I respond.
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    that sucks. What version of ps3 do you have? the original fat model?
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    Yellow lit? What does that mean?
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    Hey there, good to be back. Whats been happening? Are you gonna get ff13-2?
  10. hi how are you
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    Hey there, thanks for joining my RP! =] I'm sending this message out to all of you guys - I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on typing up the geography and stuff, I should have it posted tonight or tomorrow night at the latest. I'm still gonna wait a few more days to get it started and see if anyone else decides to join or not, otherwise I'll see if anyone else would like to take on a second character.
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    it started off alright, ended poorly. I guess the sniper (vic) took out the trash (us). Oh well.
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    what did you think of our obliteration?
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    Ive only been on here 9 months , some people have been here for 10 years. Now they should win, thats dedication!
    I've been playing a really fun tower defence on steam called 'dungeon defenders'. Dont let the simplicity of the title fool you, its a fantastic game that has an in-depth battle system with some rpg elements. You control a hero who you can get weapons/armor for and level up stats etc, who also builds defensive structures to guard against your crystal. Give it a shot, its only $15.
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    We had a good run with the eliminations. Honestly, I thought I would have been on of the first ones to be voted out. Oh well. Whats been happening with you lately?
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