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    Thanks for the warning! I was playing it yesterday morning up until I had to go to work. Dude, I died like six times, the last time I had gotten the farthest ever and made the wrong move to go into an area with these two BIG ASS dragons. Wish me luck on trying to get back to that bloodstain. FML. I'll have to check out their PVP once I get the hang of it, etc. I have to get really close to my TV screen to see what the stats are for some reason it's hard for me to make out exactly what the icons are etc.

    I will do my research and report back with a more thorough review once I have the time to actually not die so much and just be awesome at it, etc. etc.
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    You will no longer need to hold your breath. Lady Elder, it is time. Dolphin-Monkey.
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    Demon's Souls has me slightly confused, frustrated, but I feel greatly satisfied everytime I kill a boss that made me leave a blood stain. Is it just me or does it remind you of like a combination of Resident Evil, any medieval themed RPG, and Onimusha: Warlords all rolled into one?

    I'm addicted, but still confused. Just thought you should know.

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    Nevermind. Since you will be able to see this anyway if I delete it, I was asking a dumb question I just found the answer to, lolol
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    I usually only swim under, as well. Over the water makes too much noise. Do you hold your breath or do you swim in liquified oxygen that can be breathed?
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    You can't? You just move around in water.
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    I wrote a book. That's about all that's new with me. Oh, and I decided that after years of not going swimming, that I want to swim, because it's hot, and swimming makes it not so hot. So that's also new. I'm pretty good though.
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    side boob
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    I haven't talked to you for a while. How are you?
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    Nah, 's all good. Kind of weird seeing your own name on a headstone though.
    Have you played X-2/Could give me a reason to try it?
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    About the same. My Great-Grandfather (my namesake, the fourth, at that) passed, so I got my funeral on this morning.
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    I literally just caught the pun you made in that thread that Antidrall made for attacking Cloud. I was going to rep you back, but my rep button disappeared for some reason.
    Anywho, how are you?
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    This too:
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I'm thinking about creating a hybrid. A dolphin-monkey. Half dolphin, half monkey. Do you think it's possible?
I was thinking that since I'm artificially creating it, I'll create it with rocket fuel instead of blood, and thus it will be able to fly, using the dolphin's dorsal fins as wings. And from the air, it will look down upon us all and protect us against sharks, and search for bananas.
Block says:" this one time i got SUPER blazed and was riding with my friend to mcd's and i ran my fingers through my jew fro saying "I just feel like dancing"
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I find Gypsy to be a very interesting person. In fact, when my hair grows out some more, Gypsy has already laid claim to it when I cut it again.


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