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    Finished 3. It was pretty good. It was short though. I think the final playtime was 3 hours and a few minutes, but quality over quantity! Good game. Probably should have watched the first runthrough to get some of this Alessa stuff, but I wasn't too lost. The guy doing the walkthrough seemed to know what he was doing. I guess it just seemed long to me. I did have a few scares. Mostly anytime some sudden noise happened. Jump scares get me too. Loved the Borely Haunted Mansion part. That announcer was great. I'll add that vid to my "to watch" list. ^^ Thanks for the link! I'm not too put off by "bad graphics". I'll get to SH 1 eventually.

    Oh lawdy... Just in a room? That would probably get quite tedious after a while... Oh well. Maybe I'll skip that one. Or watch it anyway for kicks.

    Man, this HD collection sounds more and more terrible every day. I wonder if Konami is gonna fire some people over SE did with the FF XIV fiasco.

    So that's four runthroughs for you now? You're gonna be an expert on the game, if you aren't already. Hmm, you know for that week-long trophy, you could be a cheat and fiddle with the internal clock... >:]

    They'd be real happy to hear you say that. ^^ I should definitely appreciate the things they do for me a lot more. Yeah, I've been in this rut for a while, but like I said, at least I have good support.

    Urgh... Yeah, I know what you mean. I hate push-ups, even if I am doing it from the knees. I guess my arms just fail me. ^^;
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    That's true... Guess I missed that part. I'm really enjoying the game so far, even if the hospital portion ran a tad too long...but there were some good scenes! I think I'mma watch these games backwards: 3, 2, then 1. What's your opinion on 4? Have you played it at all?

    It doesn't take much to get the waterworks going for me. ^^; Wow, three times. You definitely got your moneys worth! Do DL titles like Journey offer trophies? Aw, that's pretty cool that you all remain anonymous until the end, and congrats on making a new buddy! Hopefully they won't be like that one trophy creep you had to deal with a while back. >< Heck yeah, link me if you do a review! I don't think I've read one from you yet. Journey will be a good one to read up on. ^^

    Heh, I'm lucky that I have the support of my family, so don't feel too sorry for me. Not a problem! And I'm doing alright. Trying to keep myself busy so I feel more productive, and so far, I'm doing alright. Just gotta make sure I keep at it and not let my laziness take over again!

    NICE! About damn time that thing popped for you! Not too much for the plat now! Just gotta knock out those miles, right?
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    Hmm. Well, she was alone in that burger shop. I figured she was a runaway? That detective or whoever was trying to talk to her too. I'm probably totally wrong though. ^^; Will watch some more....NOW. Just has to load first... Silly youtubes and it's silly buffering times. O_O That's pretty freaky... Maybe we can count that as a "good" glitch.

    It is pretty greedy. I dunno how much good complaining will get you either... I guess if the stocks go down, the company eventually has to listen to the consumer.

    Aw, now you have me curious about how it ends. Maybe someone has full playthrough of it up. If you were fighting back tears, guess I'll have to invest in a box of tissues myself. Mmm. I have that happen to me too. I know how not having a job can make someone feel miserable, but just think about all the time you can spend doing what you love! Hope you get a job soon though. Don't give up! And about other people having more serious issues than you: Anything that is making you feel depressed IS a serious issue. Problems are problems, no matter how big they are. Don't beat yourself up about it. ^^
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    Just the original. Still looks pretty good to me, so I'm happy. ^^ I think her grubbiness adds to her charm. It's like she's actually BEEN through stuff, ya know? Yeah, I think you said that you finagled a way to make your Silent Hill games look really good without the HD collection. That's good! Saves you monies. :3

    Yeah, that's how most games stores make money too, since they don't have to turn their profits over to the game company if they sell used. I guess that's why it's happening... OH WELL. I still have a nice backlog to peruse if it comes to that.

    Yeah, I thought it seemed pretty pricey, but nice to hear it's worth it. Thatgamecompany makes such great and atmospheric games. ^^ Glad to hear you enjoyed it after all! What happened in your day that made it a bummer, btw? Just one of those days?

    It's been a while since I seen it, but doesn't red stuff appear around you and then you die? I thought that was creepy. I guess we have different definitions of "messed up". ^^; That's okay though! Variety is the spice of life, after all. Hope you enjoy Justine if you decide to played it.
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    So, I finally got around to watching the first few parts of Silent Hill 3....and I could just hit myself for not doing it sooner! Really engaging so far, and Heather is a good character for a main. She seems more...what's the danger (?), because she's just a teen. Makes the viewer/player care about her well-being more, imo. Haven't got too far in yet, but it's already quite creepy.

    Haha. I really doubt that I do. Nice! I didn't think about actually attaching the thing to the door frame. I've only seen 'em be hooked up there somehow. Nice that the option is there for people like me.

    I guess one way to counteract the restriction would be to not log into PSN. I'm sure there will be a riot if it turns out to be true though. Besides, what's a person supposed to do with their games they don't want anymore? They're not ALL gonna be gems, so it's ridiculous to think that game developers expect you to keep 'em around to gather dust. :/

    I think it's because it was more of a risk back then. There weren't things like PSN and Xbox Live to patch problems, so more care and attention to detail had to be made. If worse came to worse, and updated re-release would be made, packaged and sold, which I'm sure took a lot more effort that a patch done through the internets.

    I think in the Justine DLC for Amnesia you can actually kill things. Are you gonna play it? I think it's free, you just have to have had Amnesia downloaded. It's not very long though. Might be a nice little time-waster if you have an hour or two to kill. Haha, I bet that guy was pissed. Have you seen the worst ending, where you let the guy go in the portal thing? It's pretty messed up.
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    Maybe they changed stuff so people can see that they put a bit more work into the collection other than graphics updates? Seems the changes caused more harm than good... ^^;

    Shouldn't be too distracting. My windows don't face anywhere a normal person walking the road can see in. Unless I have a pervert stalking me... ^^; I've seen those pull-up bars before. Knowing my luck, it would come loose and send me crashing to the floor. I bet you have super-high stamina from all the work out you do.

    Urgh, I know... Maybe those types of environments are easy for developers, since they don't have to deal with rendering plants and stuff.

    I don't know the politics behind stuff like that, but pretty sure some buildings have to stay up because of zoning laws or something... Like, if they can't be safely demolished, they're just abandoned. Haha, I hope it was real. I love his overreaction to everything, but now that you mention it, it could have been an act... :/ Oh well. Still hilarious. Yeah, I can totally imagine you being like "Hurry up, Amnesia monster... I have artifacts/journal entries to find! Don't have time for your BS! *throws stuff* >:[" I dunno if it's normal, but if it helps deal with scary things, then more power to 'em. ^^ Congrats! How did you finish off the final guy? I think the playthrough I watched, they just threw agrippa's head into the portal. They went back and did the other two ways to see what happened too, but I think the first time was how it was supposed to be done.
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    Oh? I didn't realize Amazon completely dropped it... That's really bad. Maybe that will be a wake up call to game companies to actually put in some effort when they re-release games. I feel for the poor souls who still purchase the collection, but if they know what they're getting themselves into, I guess I shouldn't feel too sorry for 'em. Yikes. Aren't the Silent Hill games rated for a mature audience? Why they felt they needed to take stuff like that out is beyond me.

    Hah, you sound like me. I get distracted from my plans waaaaay to often. Nah, I just covered my windows with tin foil to keep the sun from shining in. I can't buy new blinds... The cat will destroy them, just like the ones I have up now. Hmm. Good read. Informative. Are you gonna add compound exercises to your routine?

    I watched some of it from the VGA guys. I think it's neat because you'll randomly come across another player and you can help each other. ^^ Journey might be one of those niche games though. If you decide to give it a shot, I hope you like SAND!

    Probably might be too costly to demolish them, so they're just left abandoned. Have you seen the Milky Way video about Amnesia. It's hilarious! I suggest watching the full clip in the description for maximum lolling, but that one I linked is definitely the highlight. Were you tired at that time too? A person's brain likes to imagine things like that when it's sleep deprived. You handled the situation well though. I would have at least turned on a light.
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    Me internets have strangely been doing alright, it's just the forums will suddenly have unexpected downtime...

    Seems no one is happy with the HD collection. Read on Siliconera that many copies were being returned to Amazon like within a day or two of the game being delivered to the customers. That's bad... Konami dun goofed on that one.

    How far have you gotten in European Extreme mode, btw? Is it slow-going, or are you making pretty decent time? I'm gonna do my best. Managed to be somewhat productive today: covered my windows up so it doesn't get too hot this summer. Hopefully it helps, because last year was awful. >< I really couldn't tell ya, but that is a ridiculous amount of miles... ^^;

    I know. And to get on PSN so I could get some nice downloadable titles would be great too. Journey came out not too long ago, which is from the same developer behind the ever-so-lovely and oh-so-soothing Flower. I <3 Flower so much. ^^

    Yeah, strong atmosphere in a game can make the experience so great. The journals and stuff sort of remind me of Bioshock, but I'm sure loads of other games have done it as well. We don't really have any castles....but there are old, abandoned insane asylums around the country that make for some pretty scary experiences. Urgh, some of the things that Daniel did are terrible... Have you gotten to the torture rooms yet? ><
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    Urgh... Let's see if I can send this without TFF crashing on me...again.

    Isn't it amazing how little it took to keep us occupied and/or entertained when we were younger? At least that was my case. I remember when my bro had his SNES, he's really only let me play it when he needed to level grind, and he put his kid sister on that job. I had a blast with it though. "Now" "Toe", that's a good way to remember it.

    Haha... I like how all the comments point it out for him though. XDD That was pretty bad...and this is the HD collection? You were wise to skip out on purchasing it. "Annoying commentary" Oh hush, you. I bet you'll do a great job. ^^

    Eesh, so you have to be perfectly stealth... I'm afraid I lack the patience for such an endeavor. I haven't really gotten back into my routine, no... ^^; I'm a terrible motivator, at least when it comes to motivating myself. Good to hear you're still working at it though. What kind of random number is 622 anyway? And there are several of 'em... Good luck to ya. I sweat just thinking about it. Haha.

    I did not know, but now I do! That's super cute. :3 Still need to hook up me PS3 to the PSN so I can have friends to play with. :/

    Aw yeah~ That game terrified me, but it was a LOT of fun to watch. :3 Hope you enjoy it. Tell me if there's any parts that do manage to creep you out or anything. You have the nerves of steel, so I dunno if it will, but maybe you'll enjoy it all the same!
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    Haha. Yeah. Grinding can be a reeeeaaaal chore. It's the double-edged sword of RPGs... On one hand, you can level grind to ridiculous levels so you don't have a problem with tough bosses later on, and on the other hand...all that time it takes to get to those levels. ^^; Oh yeah. That's the name. Wonder why I can never remember it? And yeah, it definitely was a while back. OH WELL. I'll play catch-up one of these days...among all the other things I have to play catch-up with. xD

    Oh.. Well, at least he's trying, so he gets an A for effort from me. :3 Oh wow. So basically, if you get shot/hit once, you're down for the count? Better get dat stealth on! Too tough for me though. Nice one! You should get those other ones soon, right? Maybe that one won't glitch out on you anymore, and you can have yet another plat! How are you feeling? Buff enough? Are the routines still sort of monotonous for you?
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    Ah yeah. I heard the Digital Devil Saga games were quite challenging. Or maybe it's Nocturne I'm thinking... Either one, good luck! And I dunno. I guess I'm just waiting for all the episodes to come out so I can just sit through 'em all and not have to wait a week or more in between new ones. I think the last one I saw was when the Detective Prince (forgot the name) was facing her Shadow self.

    Hmm... Maybe he's doing it slow so the atmosphere can sink in for the viewers?
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    Heh, I suppose they do anyway. Can't win for trying and all that. :/ Yeah, I thought he actually took it quite well, considering just how much happened to him and how old he was. If it were me, I'd have a mental breakdown and be sucking my thumb in a corner somewhere. ^^; Would not make a good Final Fantasy character. xD

    Haha, I'll take what I can get! Maybe I'll get the motivation to finish up some of this backlog of mine. Ooo~ That would be fun. Gonna try finishing Persona 4? ^^ Speaking of which, I haven't caught up on the anime in a while... Whoops!

    Oh nice! Thanks for the links! *adds to her To-Watch list* Heh, Paprika is still on that list too. I'll get to it though! I might start with 3 though, just because I don't know a lot about it.
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    I think so, and if not love, at least they're more empathetic for 'em instead of just writing 'em off as whiny brats.

    I'm sure there are. That's why newspapers have Sudoku and crossword puzzles published inside. Either that, or for passing time at work.

    Haha, no problem. Wish some of those skills would rub off on me. I'm more casual when it comes to games, I guess. And yay~ Hooray for rediscovering games! Especially with as much jerking around as those developers are doing for the collection. Save your monies for something you haven't played before. ^^
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    I think it'd make Hope's character in XIII more appealing to people if his mom really was the only parent he had left. Having lost one parent, then seeing his other die right in front of him (pretty much). Ah well.

    I haven't tried it. I have both of my handheld systems put away for the time being, and booting up a console or my laptop when I first wake up is not something I wanna do. ^^;

    You can do it. There's no trophy to hard or tedious that you can't manage to collect! But yeah, gotta get the drive to actually do it, so I understand if you feel you want to put it off for a while.
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    Yeah, I can't imagine an upbringing in a place like that to be very good for a child. Poor Wakka got the worst of it though, at least until character development kicked in. I'm pretty sure he was alive after the events of XIII...but maybe he died sometime during all the time skips in the sequel... That's kind of sad. At least he and Hope managed to patch things up if he did die.

    I have a few: Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Tetris... I think that might be the extent of it though. ^^; I hear that puzzle games are good for a person when they first wake up in the morning though. Gets the brain functioning sooner with all dat stimulus.

    Congrats~! I think I lost count on the amount of platties you have again. ^^; Have you gotten all the MGS plats now?
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