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  1. I'd recommend them to anyone. They have more functionality, the buttons are more responsive and the only downside for me is they only play PSN titles - some UMD games never had a PSN version.
  2. Ill try game, cheers for the info. Have you used one? Would you say that based on my preferences, the psp go would be good for me?
  3. I liked it. Then again, I suck at shooters so most probably found it too easy. ^^;;
    Will check out your thread.
  4. oh, and is the 3rd birthday worth playing? I heard it was abysmal.

    whats korean talking about up there?


    also, check out my post under intellectual discussion. Being an Australian, you have a more valid opinion on these matters.
  5. wow and I thought that was just me. Well optus is renowned for having terrible reception. I assume thats who you're with? so you refer to wine caskets as a "dapto briefcase"? haha thats pretty funny.

    Ive never been to NSW, I hear its nice though.
  6. Dapto, known for it's large number of places serving/selling alcohol with slang like Dapto Briefcase recognised in a surprising number of areas referring to cheap wine casks and Dapto Dogs (Greyhound Racing). It's in NSW at the arse end of Wollongong, just above suburbs of Shellharbour.

    Melbourne's nice though, got some Vic relos that occasionally have functions at various establishments there. My only complaint was getting terrible (or no) phone reception in several parts.
  7. Kyeraan tells me you're from down under too. Where abouts are you? Im from melbourne.
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