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  1. poke! How have you been?
  2. No problemo.
  3. why helloooo,sorry I cut our convo short earlier on msn,I just needed my wow fix lol i'll talk to you when I talk to you haha see you
  4. Eeps.
    *return stalks*
  5. stalker haha
  6. Aye, good to hear from you.
    It's been too long.
  7. heyy you're back,welcome back
  8. Then I must bid you all farewell, I must travel over yonder to see the great lemur.
  9. over there *points over yonder*
  10. Whar??!!!
  11. Lemurs!!!!
  12. ohhhh the mystery is solved!!! yayyy
  13. Don't you ever wonder why I take ages to reply?
    Snootchie-bootchies. Ehehehehe!
  14. alrghty then,how can you type and play? wow you're awesome
  15. Yes, I agree.
    I shall put down my 360 controller now.
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