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  1. You have a point there.
  2. The sewerage tank benefits human society. XD
  3. Yeah thats pretty much what I mean haha

    Whats the difference between a politician and a sewerage tank? nothing they are both full of s hit bahahaha that was pretty lame just made that up. O_o
  4. If by keeping up with you count hunting for a reasonably priced sniper rifle on the black market so that both Gillard and Abbott can be taken out of the running, then yes. I suppose I do like the Sex Party's policies - R18+ games rating, no tax exempts for religions, free internet, Hell even the things that don't effect me like protection for sex workers who're currently ignored seems damn legit.
  5. Ill give it a go if i can find some might have to go to dan murphys or spotted cow for that one. Been keeping up with politics lately?
  6. I got on the Jimmy blacks mostly of late. XD
    If you want a good beer though, James Squire Golden Ale. Lower % but it tastes mind blowing.
  7. Hi ho insert your previous username here have you been enjoying yourself knocking down those TEDs, I have been drinking platnium lately good s hit
  8. Happy birthday for when you get back buddy cheers.
  9. Yeah me too actually. Before that it was mostly Tooheys New and now I can't look at the stuff it tastes so much worse than a TED. :/ Crazy.
  10. Haha yeah i do i only recently started drinking it too after someone introduced me to it
  11. TEDs man. The beer.
  12. ? what are you talking about mate
  13. so i herd j00 liek TEDs
  14. Haha yes it would but i think they may have brought out a rum that is distilled four times not sure it has a maroon/red label.
  15. I hope it's not true. It would be a sad day for rum lovers everywhere.
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