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  1. He said roughly 40 hours over five shifts a week.
  2. Cheers pal, much appreciated.
  3. Hours I'm not sure of, but I'd guess 9-5 as it sounded like most of his job was watching civilians.
  4. Something like that. May have been spelt differently. I was talking to him via the chat on a security forums so I'll see if I can get in touch again when I next use my laptop instead of my phone.

    But yeah, and that was only after a couple years on the job. I figure if I ever go to the US I'll apply there myself.
  5. Yo! Was it Macy's where your friend was pulling in roughly 2500 a week? Would ya know what kinda hours he was doing?

  6. Whichever period a book came from, it still didn't come from the beginning of time and it'd be foolish to think things any less a possibility when there's nothing to boot them from from possibly being correct. Science merely disproves things leaving the best seeming solution as what we come to think of as 'fact'. It's never completely solid, and I'd rather put my faith in an anomaly of a man that captivated the world as he did than a man of science with views I can more easily tell are flawed via gauging the reactions from a wider community to one person in general.
  7. I don't agree with unnamed theories?
    I will further investigate a theory from anyone if it makes enough sense. Personally, just looking at how some of his views concerning psychological differences between males and females which would likely have been almost pure speculation at the time leave a lot to be desired from one such as I. They weren't even at the stage they are at now where some parts of the mind can be studied better via scans and the like.
  8. Christianity is based from the stories of a book, a book that claims to be the word of god? And yet we the human race feel we have to change it? "What we think god ment to say was", its when i found there were different versions of the bible is when my faith was shattered forever, i was about 13. Shit id believe scientology before i would believe the god/jesus christ story..

  9. Hummm you seem to be taking this discussion a little too personnel? I was making assumptions, nothing more. And from what you posted supported you were reading straight from wiki, as all you could summarise was that he was a coke head and that you dont agree with unnamed theories.

    And regarding religion (im talking mainly christianity), its very foundations comes from a book.. A book written in a time where people thought the earth was flat, and a rainbow, thunder and lightining, rain etc were gods LOL. Shit even Plato's Republic was written hundreds of years before the bible, my point being people were very gullible back then and they would have believed anything that was preached by a smart man.

  10. ctd from previous.

    If religion is merely symbolic wish-fulfillment, what does that make other more... 'scientific' theories that also cannot be proven to be correct? And how can one such as he judge things that others may have experienced that he hadn't? Religion like neurosis? At the point I'm at, neither leave me anxious or fearful. Neither leave me as deluded as those who can't believe there might be something they haven't yet experienced out there neither...

    Play nice. I don't throw accusations like yours around without doing a little more digging.
  11. As odd as it may seem I wasn't even all that active online before a few years ago. Wikipedia wasn't where I first encountered him, though it does shorten his life quite well as well as show what things such as biographies would tell me, and those I can rarely if ever be ****ed reading. No nix, there's a place I used to frequent called the Library. I just find that I don't really agree with much of what Freud has theorised. Yes, he was a big thinker in various fields of psychology, but I even among those who are into psychology I rarely if ever hear anyone showering him solely with praise.

    Quite frankly, I feel many of his ideas are outdated, and not worth half a dime in this day and age. The rest of his ideas may have some merit, but the crapulence surrounding them doesn't make me think too highly of him at all. =D

    to be ctd.
  12. Looks like you've been reading wiki i wouldn't advise consulting wiki or most places on the net for academic research. Yes Sigmund did dabble in cocaine and probably other drugs, but this was a century ago and most drugs were in early development/testing stages. Sure none of the stuff was even illegal yet. And he prescribed cocaine to some of his friends and family as anti depressent (which is pretty much what it is) but its just bad for you we later discovered

    Did you specifically read up on his critique on religion?

    Like it or not, sigmund has done alot for this world and introduced alot of theories/practices we use today to help mankind, such as the breakdown of the mind (Id, ego and Super ego) and of course the practice of Psychoanalysis.

    And try not to judge people as crazy for choices/beliefs they've made in their life, sure one of the worlds greatest philosophers spent 10 years in a mental asylum.

  13. 'In view of the similarities and analogies, one might venture to regard obsessional neurosis as a pathalogical counter part of the formation of religion. And to describe the neurosis as an individual and religion as a universal obsessional neurosis, belief in god is the ultimate illusion

    I encourage all you strong believers to read Sigmund Freud critique on religion, it is the ultimate test of faith.'

    After reading several of his works (and theories) I don't know that I can take the dead fellow too seriously. Well some of his more phallocentric views anyways. Some stuff looks kind of interesting, but the rest of it leaves me thinking he was a tad looney in a non-fun sense.

    Don't help he was a crackhead. True that, look it up.
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