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  1. Free. I'm kinda downsizing because in a matter of months I'll be moving into a smaller place. xD
  2. Hey! That's so nice of you. I'd love to thanks! How much would you like for it?
  3. Just wondering, have you gotten a copy of FFVII yet? I've been going through my old stuff and found my copy in an old disc folder. Has no box, but the discs are there and I own the digital version on PSN so if you still lack a copy I could send it your way.
  4. Down Wollongong way in NSW. xD
    I didn't notice the heat too much though as I just had my first three day weekend in a couple years. Went pubbing with mates at night, later around chatting and playing Skyrim during the days.
  5. Good morning! What part of F *ckin' Australia are you from? How you liking the hot weather? It was 34 degrees here yesterday! I'm really white so the heat and I don't really get along
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