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  1. Xd
  2. its a great way to learn different words and even to learn how sentences are structured (which is even more important). Listening to catchy songs and having the words stuck in your head is one of the best ways haha
  3. Just one word to describe you: AWESOME!

    Also, Rammstein is a quite good band, though I can't imagine people learning German by listening to them. Still, music is a good way to learn a language
  4. I learned that disney must have had something to do with the distribution of ponyo to american and europe because its logo was displayed in the trailer that I showed him.
  5. Yay sex threads >3
    They're not just entertainment, they're freaking interesting! ^^
  6. Ill be sure to continue to make more sex threads for your entertainment,

  7. I think he stayed true to his character by choosing not to kill his brother, also him being the only family he had left as well as the skill that was required to succesfully win the battle without killing him. I can see how it may appear rather anti-climatic but the series itself had some really good storylines and character enough to make it a good anime in my opinion. I might get the movie sometime in the future as I think it might have something to do with the bandit that let him go on the runaway train thing. I remember something about him saying "next time" to Vash.
  8. I've watched the movie two days ago. It's pretty good, not too bad and the animation is great. It's way better, but you can still see that it's based on the original. ^^ The story was okay as well, though you could easily see how all of it would end. -_-
    And I didn't think the ending of the series was that good. :/ Somehow I expected a great fight and after all Vash had said about only wanting to kill one person... well, I expected him to finish Knives off. And then, suddenly, everything was okay. That was... strange. oo" Though I like happy endings, this was a bit TOO happy ^^"
  9. I own the series and I watch it about 6 -8 months ago. I heard of a movie but Im not sure it was available at the time. Let me know if you thought it was good because I might get it. Also, did you like the ending to trigun? I though it was good. Not spectacular like some other anime I have seen (code geass for example) but it was a satisfying end to the series.
  10. As far as I know, it is related to the series. ^^
    And it aired in 2010, so it's not that old. I only realized there was a movie because I've watched the series for the first time this year. ^^"
    I'll tell you more about it after I've watched it. Or you could just watch it by yourself, I'm gonna need pretty long to watch it, I suppose XD
  11. I've seen trigun, but didnt realise there was a movie? Is it related to the series in any way?
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