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  1. Sorry, I'm back now; I've been busy with things.
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    And were have you gone?!
  3. @ 01habbo
    Yeah, I don't see why. Becuase without those games we would be lost at what's going on in the other games...I know I was lost in KH2 before CoM and days came out; and I was lost on KH until BBS came out and explained exactly why things were the way they were. Yeah, hopefully Dream Drop Distance- the name of the kh:3d- will be better than the others. My personal fav was days, but I'm such a huge fan of organization 13...mainly Zexion and Demyx. I have a ton of fan fiction regarding Demyx and Zexion written already...and now at a standstill on them, their mainly short stories. However, I have written a book on how Demyx had gotten into the Org. I bet your book will be a hit.

    You're welcome. You know, when he had sacrafice himself as Chaos... I thought he died...but that was how it ended- I think. Man, I got to start playing that game memory is getting fuzzy on the game. Anyways out of the two ff7 games I've played, Dirge of Cerberus had a better story line than Crisis Core. Speaking of Crisis Core, I was playing that recently and I had found the tomb that Vincent was sleeping in. I thought it was the greatest find I ever did so I took a picture on where his coffin/ bed was and in what room. Zack even said that someone was sleeping in it. I thought it was the coolest thing in the game. Since Zack is also one of my favorite FF7 characters.
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    I regard Vincent's Chaos transformation as a Weapon since as from Dirge of Cerberus it is part of the planet's defense mechanism.

    Vincent is my favourite character as well.

    And thanks for the compliment .
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    kh gets so much critism for having so many side games which is a shame because I love kh XD. Despite Days and COM both games I didn't enjoy playing I still liked the story. I'm hoping KH 3D will be the first nintendo kh that I actually like. Oh yeah and I love writing too I'm going to start to write a book in the summer, XD
  6. I'm glad that I could help you out with this. I'm sorry to hear that about your last adoptee.
    Yes, I like to's only a hobby though. I listen to a wide variety of music, but it has to catch my any genre. I never had taken any singing Lessons, but was in Choir in fourth grade. No, Vincent Valentine is my favorite FF7: Dirge of Cerberus character. I also like Cloud, Zack, Aerith(or Aeris...sorry if i spelt it wrong.), Tifa, Cid, Yuffie, Red 13 and Cait Sith. Crisis Core is a great game to play, but i had cried when Zack Fair died. I actually have the blue-ray completion of the movie...I gave the original to my brother...and yes I've seen it more than twice. No it's still pretty clear to me...since I had watched it recently. I agree with you on that. I had barely seen Cid in the movie.
    Then I guess I had picked the right adopter for myself, becuase I can too.
    the KH forums that I'm on isn't at all set up like this. I had been with the kh forum for a month now and I wanted to find a forum for my other favorite rpg...which reminds me, if you like any info on KH I'll be glad to give it to you.
    Btw....Bubbles is also my favorite powerpuff girl.
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    So... hi my lovely new adoptee! <3 I'm pretty happy to have one again, as my last adoptee isn't around that much anymore. But you seem to be a person who sticks to one place. ^^

    I read in your profile that you like to sing. *o* So I just HAVE to ask: How good do you think you are? Can you sing or is it just a hobby? (I'm just asking because I LOVE to sing but I can't sing ^^") And what kinds of songs do you sing? I know some people who even take singing lessons and can sing classical songs. I'm always pretty astounished when hearing that someone can really sing such songs. :>

    Is Vincent your favorite character out of all FF7 games? :> I haven't played anything beside the original FF7 yet, so I really don't know much about him. I just watched the movie (Advent Children, you've probably seen it twice or more, I suppose XD) and have probably forgotten half of it again already. ^^" My favorite character was Cid, though he wasn't present in the movie at all it seemed.

    So much for know, I can talk way too much if I like to. XD
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    Hello Final Hearts 69! My name is Michael, I have made a Social Group focused on us new members. The Group is called Flock of Noobies, and right now I am on a recruiting frenzy, trying to get members like you interested in our group. I am going to send you an invite, but if you want to know more, just click on "Community" and scroll down "Social Groups". You should be able to find it there. Thanks for reading this.
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