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    Honestly, forget what has been said before this. It sounds like you're mad at people who put more time into the game than you to get better. Or you're mad that people take games an ounce more seriously than you do, and are better than you because of it. Those are my assumptions. I can have them because you obviously assume things about me. Ultimately, to get better or progress at something, you have to take things on a somewhat serious level. Even playing Mario Kart online, if you want to be the best, there is a strategy or two to carry out about it, thus making it more serious. If you aren't that serious about it, then how can you justify getting upset?

    I agree with you that too many people say "noob" or "pwned', etc. I never disagreed with you on that. But those people are like a reward. When you beat someone and still get called a noob or anything else, it's like a reward, because you win AND you made someone mad (they took the game too seriously).

    I don't think camping or being skillful at a game in all cases can be labeled "taking the game too seriously". But you can't label all people who are actually good at games "elitists". You're trying to simplify what is a huge range of different skill levels, personalities, time investments, etc into one or three labels. It just doesn't work that way.

    So I'm trying to have a discussion about why this doesn't work. Then I hear from the person who was just ranting about people not showing respect to other people online, turn around and instantly label me as an elitist and disrespect me. Can you not see that any sort of disrespect is disrespect? I tried to prove it to you by returning the disrespect, but you can't see the big picture at all! You're just worried about yourself being disrespected, you aren't worried about anyone else at all.
  2. I use the edit button a lot thanks. And I think a lot of these warnings have been unfair but whatever, I'm not trying to get banned or cause spam or whatever... Just being myself.
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    I issued you one warning, but honestly, I could have given you more. Take it easy and if you feel like you're being attacked then report a post. At the same time you shouldn't assume people are after you. You have quite a high number of warnings so just relax and dont take everything too seriously...use the edit button.
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    Use the view conversation button to reply to peoples vms. It will display them on their wall instead of yours and also give them. Heads up that you sent them a responce.
  5. My 360 broke 3 times, it finally broke without warranty, so I got a PS3, you got one?
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    Hey what games do you have for the 360?
  7. It does bother me, why you think I made a thread about ti? I've been scammed in different games about 3 times, I've met countless owned and raped pricks... Yes It does bother me how people act, I guess you like people who show others no respect...
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    it must bother you if you are still talking about it. And to be honest I don't really care what strangers in games I've never met before think about me. If they can't handle it, then they have a choice to quit or to mute me, won't affect me either way.
  9. Jesus man, this is exactly the smug kinda shit im talking about...

    ps halo is one of the easiest fps games ever created, if it's got you owned that hard then I am truely sorry.

    You think that bothers me? I don't play Halo anymore, why do you guys always do the same smug shit? You suck and I don't crap, its no wonder people stop playing games with you assholes...
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    Most of what che and Loaf said in their posts weren't referring to yourself, until you took the liberty of thinking that it was about you, which then you decided to egg them on via name calling. Do yourself a favor and think before you post.

    ps halo is one of the easiest fps games ever created, if it's got you owned that hard then I am truely sorry.
  11. Yea I can't wait to be an uncle.
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    Ah :/ And congrats to your sister :]
  13. I had a job but I got fired, now im stuck looking after mom, until I can find another job.
  14. Its ok she's still in her late 50's she's not to old yet and my sisters pregnant so she's about to be a grandma so she's pretty happy right now.
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    Oh,I am sorry :[
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