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  1. I'm still messing around with it. Apparently, the account confirmation email keeps not showing up. Just my luck. :V
  2. Oh im sorry i didn't respond, yes it worked perfectly fine, but i can't see you being online on Steam, keep in mind that if you want to communicate with me, it needs to be Online, up and going for to work, i am usually on non-stop hours so it is really hard to miss me out, but finding you online is the real hard deal, perhaps it is better for you to check on whenever im Online and you need to talk?

    Probably a better approach to it all, since it's hard to miss me.
  3. Um, so did you get my response to your PM? It might not have gone through.
  4. Greetings Ralz, it has been dead for alittle while now so i decided to peak in and see what was up... So what's cooking doc?
  5. I must apologize for the silence. My internet has been dead for the last week and a half. It's been a major pain, but it's been fixed. ''

    I won't respond for a few days while I reorganize everything. Excuse me.
  6. Greetings again, yeah i suspected that you were spending christmas time, but then again so were i, it had been pretty good, got a comic book and some candy for present, it's not much but it's the thought that counts right, i'll see you after new year as well, and i hope it will be good for you.

    My Regards, Elyon~
  7. Before I continue, I know it's been a month or so since the last update, but I wanted to wait until the holidays were over before proceeding. I will say this last month has given me a lot of time to think, both about the story and the gameplay. I do want to share my ideas with you, but I'll wait until the new year.

    That being said, I hope you had a good Christmas... or whatever you celebrated. And I hope 2014 turns out to be a good year! Talk to you again, soon.
  8. Well, I can't tell you much. If this was a PM, I would go into better detail, but that wasn't a possibility at the time.


    It cometh.
  9. I guess that's valid, doesnt tell me awfully much but i think i get your idea, well... honestly, just go with what you think feels right.

    How's progress and life going by the way?
  10. Okay, PMing is impossible right now for some reason.

    I'm writing the next segment, and I have an idea. As we decided, I planned to use "Song of the Truth" for the second part of the final dungeon. But listening to it gave me this scenario:

    Team A, who you know about, is on their way to find Bad Guy A. Along the way, Bad Guy A is sending Supposedly Indestructible Mook Enemy A through C after Team A to stop them. On the way, Teams B through D leap to Team A's assistance. Each team intercepts the Supposedly Indestructible Mook Enemy, thereby allowing Team A to continue after Bad Guy A. "Song of the Truth" would play at this part, empowering both Team A and the player, themselves. But this means we need another theme for the second part of the dungeon before this part. I'll just continue using "End of the World" for now.
    Tell me what you think. It was a spur-of-the-moment thought, but I think it could work.
  11. I got the same message. It really scared me, and I thought that I'd never get back to this site. I'm like "oh no, now the story will never be finished!"

    I'm really interested, but make it a PM. I already have a few bad endings in mind, but more would be welcome. Though, I think you should have to Earn Your Bad Ending.

    I'm nearly finished with Kingdom Hearts, but there's still two other games in the collection. Right now, I'm swamped with all the new synthesis added in the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts. **** Sniperwilds. That is all.
  12. Good lord, my dreams have being twisted lately, the last dream i had was in a form of super creepy pasta which was something about this game, i can get in detail if you're interested, but my computer treats this site as some threatening virus or something, which it isnt, but hey.

    God i haven't being able to sleep for awhile after that dream... I am legitimately terrified, but it's also inspirational to say the least, as i want to implement this in the sequel of the game... Yes... the sequels version of the Northern Shrine, an alternate "Worst Ending"... That's right, there'll be not one but TWO different "Worst Endings" in the sequel, one standard and one super creepy pasta alike.

    ...So... what's up?
  13. Now, I'm starting to have trouble writing the next segment. First off, there's a decent bit of plot-dumping that's unavoidable. Second, this chapter is starting to come off as a boss rush. Our visits to each town are brief, at best.

    There's just no way to make it as enticing as the previous chapters. I guess it's just doomed to be a boring chapter.
  14. Not really. I managed to remember all the details, or as best as I could, and write them down. Though, there's always that lingering feeling of "did I forget something?"

    For now, just assume that this is the complete version of this installment. And let's also forget that.... that....

    ...well, you know.
  15. Just a fun question, was this installment any differently from the last one you lost?
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