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  1. What the **** is up Sean?!
  2. hey
  3. Crack is wack, Sean! And thanks, now I want some fecking icecreammmmm.
  4. Dranzcanada highway whats tha crack!?
  5. Seannnnnnn. Howerya doin?
  6. lmao! You're too much sometimes.
  7. mmmmm.... imagine that nice crispy barbequed meat yummy
  8. Omg she lit her tits on fire!
  9. LOL I'm glad you like it!

    You're welcome.
  10. OH MA GOD !!!

    thank you so much!!! its brilliant!!!!


  11. code:

    Minus the *.

    You don't have to use it, but I thought I'd make you one cause I was in the mood and made a few others. Ned will always be one of my favorites.

  12. [*IMG][/IMG*] minus the *.

  13. started season 2 yesterday,.... i wanna get them on disc too, cos its a nightmare trawling through internet links... managed to find decent ones so far, and i just plug the laptop into the tv.. but im gonna definitely watch all of them again, and might read the books too!
  14. I'll be participating in such events, I'm on the third book and I love it. You still on season one? I have it on DVD lmao.
  15. prestige+ is far more prestige than the lannisters, its our motto now

    btw expect loads of fanboy GOT stuff from me... I've only discovered it and im kinda obsessed already
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