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  1. Make a dramatic comeback.
  2. <3 <3 <3

    (Yes, I know this is late. That's why you get two extra "<3"s.)

    PS- How have you been, sir?
  3. <3
  4. Dranzer! No! I've just been so slack! Been away from home over the last week, and otherwise just working full time and not wanting to spend my spare time (and the remainder of summer) in front of my computer. I start post-graduate study on Monday
  5. <3.

    How the hell are you?

    (**** off 30 characters really.)
  6. RICHARD. This is so late, and I'm so sorry, but happy belated birthdayyyyyyyy! <3 I hope it was a good day!
  7. Count yourself in, I'll let you know more soonish. <3
  8. *Looks down* I wabt to do it too. I might just close my blog and blog there. Mine gets no traffic anway.
  9. <3 Thanks
  10. I was wondering if that was gonna happen soon, congrats sir! =]
  11. I'm working on it, as well as a Rob Stark thing. I've been reading and writing the past few days so haven't done much in the world of photoshop, etc.

    PS- I loved my user note! <3
  12. Hey Dranz, could you make the text in the signature stand out a little better? A slightly darker font maybe (or shift it over to the right, where the background's lighter)... whichever takes your fancy, you can be my style guru <3
  13. IDK how this happened, and I was actually a blond growing up if that explains anything...

    Don't answer that:

  14. Seriously did the picture not work?! Please tell me so I can ease your troubled mind!
  15. It no work! And I'm distraught beacause it may have been Ryan!
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