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  1. I ate one of your poptarts. I was hungry and it was chocolate. Bad combo. I gave into temptations. Also, I am posting here, but you can't post back, NYEH NYEH.
  2. Dodie16 is best TFFer. EVER. ....EVEREVEREVER (the message was too short as is)
  3. lol, omg, this kid... Also this. I thought about touching that for about a minute, and then thought '...nah. I'm not even."
  4. Damnit skype! Anyhow, if you don't get anymore messages and leave, sorries. Nigh nigh lady, x's and o's and <3s.
  5. Damnit skype. Going to dinner. Maybe we should consider using MSN when I get back.
  6. So you get on as soon as I leave, and then when I come back, you get off again?
  7. Skype hasn't sent my last 5 messages, and it's been 5 minutes since I sent the first one... MSN?
  8. No more nightmares. Get on Skype. Turn the bad feelings into sessy ones.
  9. I had a dream... I was visiting my Grandma's old house, and a part of me was like "She doesn't live here anymore...". Another more naive part, I guess was like "That's right! Because she moved!" So I was in front of her newer house, and I was like "no...this isn't right either..."

    It's storming now. Wonder if you're still up?
  10. Haha, I'm not sure what that entails but it sounds hot. You should get on Skype.
  11. Well, I am the Domi-Matrix after all.
  12. Heh heh heh, the dominant one :3
  13. I do, and one day I will exploit them for my own personal gain! >:]
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