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  1. Hey Julie, how have you been lately?
  2. Okay, thanks anyways ^_^ Me and noxious.sunshine already started discussing it. We are not far into the process of making the RP, but at least we got started. Anyway, once it is completed, then you can read it all you want and let us know how we did.
  3. I don't really have the time to dedicate to keeping up with an RP, and I'm not very good at the ones I participated in previously. ^^; Hope you find some people though. I know how creative you are, so it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.
  4. Hey Julie I was wondering...would you like to maybe start or make an RP with me? I want to create something that will make people want to read more. I haven't done anything like this in ages, but I still have a creative mind. I know I can get carried away at times, but hey, that's just how it is sometimes...Hehe ^_^'
  5. I Kinda Noticed...XD Oh Well. Would Like To Receive Some More User Notes, As Long As They Are Not Spam. Anyway, I Am Doing Great, Thank You Very Much What About Yourself?
  6. Aw, thank you~ that was nice. Most people seem to ignore the user note function, probably because no one gets notified when they get a new one anyway. Thanks for the heads up! Hope you're doing great. ^^
  7. Hey Julie, Just A Heads Up, I Gave You A User Note Today. You Seem To Be In Need Of Some, So I Decided To Wrtie To You In That Form. Hope You Like It
  8. I've Been Good, Thanks For Asking Hope You Liked My Birthday Wish To You On Facebook. At Any Rate, I Just Finished Uploading Some New Photos In My Drawings Thread In The Art Forums. I Have Been Meaning To Post My New Drawings For A While On Here, I Guess I Just Forgot...XD Planning On Making New Ones Soon, I Hope. I Want To Try To Make One Of Lightning, Hopefully It will Turn Out Right. Go Check Em Out If You Haven't Already, If You Are Not Too Busy That Is.
  9. Most things are good. ^^ And it really has been a while! How have you been?
  10. Hey Julie Long Time No Talk On TFF, What's Good?
  11. Thanks Julie I Appreciate It. Ooooh, I'll Be Uploading A Video Of My Current Progress On My Main File Sometime This Week Comming. I Kinda Feel Like Playing On My Main, And Also Showing All My Cool Stuff...LOL I Will Also Show When Was The Last Time I Played & How Many Hours I've Played, This Way People Can See How Long It Took Me To Get To Where I Am.
  12. Well, it's nice of you to do this. ^^ I'm sure it will be a great help for those who need it.
  13. Now I Have 5 Videos Up And Running On Youtube, I Put Them In The Thread As Well. You Can Also Find Them On My Facebook Page. I Hope That I Am Helping By Doing This, Thats All I Really Want Is For People To Be Happy, And To Know That I Am Doing My Part As A TFF Member By Helping Anyone Out Who Needs It. It Will Encourage Me To Know That People Like The Idea Of Me Having A Walkthrough For FFXIII-2, And Are Actually Watching And Enjoying It At The Same Time, Meaning That I Will Indeed Make More Parts To This Walkthrough. I Hope It Turns Out Well.
  14. Thanks Julie. I Am Currently Uploading 3 More Vids, And Will Post Them On The Same Thread ASAP. Hopefully If You Watched The First Video, It Wasn't Messed Up, Cause Youtube Messed With My Video. Its Moving Like Crazy Now, I Don't Understand Why. They Said That They were Going To Fix My Vid, I Said Sure, Then This Happens? Like WTF?! Anyway, I'm Reverting It Back to Normal, So Hopefully It Will Be As Good As New Shortly. Hope You Likey
  15. Nice work. I'll have to watch more of it when I have a bit more free time. ^^
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