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    A batch file is a command you write on the notepad, its basically a shortcut to opening something without having to go to command prompt and type in the command you want to enter (for example an emulator) and then saving that command path as .bat.

    As for april 6th... this happens! (if you've seen this trailer before, my apologies) Xenoblade Chronicles - US Announcement Trailer - YouTube
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    Yeah, they are. Plus it isn't like the hanging bodies are the only ones, there are plenty the right way up. What's so much worse about those ones? >_< There are some amazingly pointless edits though. Like on one sign they have changed the miles....and some of the script has been changed, for example "lousy taste" to "terrible taste" and "Shut your stinking mouth, bitch!" to "Shut your mouth, you stinking bitch!." Just seemed like they were changed for the sake of changing something.

    That must look pretty odd to random passers by. Or is that kinda common there? You know it! Already ordered a pull up bar for the door frame. Don't have room for such serious weights to be doing the other things mentioned. Gonna try even harder from now on. And who knows? Maybe I'm not so bad at putting on muscle after all since there's already an all right amount on me from the isolation stuff. :>

    Desert areas are usually the worst in video games. xD But who knows? Maybe it'll be good. Don't mock before you try (usually)!

    But don't other types of buildings get demolished there? ^^; What the....? Really...? That was an act, right? Nobody can really be that much of a wuss. RIGHT? I think that might be the one I threw a rock at becuase I was already sick of respecting their space by that point. Sadly, it didn't care about taking that small boulder to the chest. xD Really though? Is it normal to get that scared? Did you get any where near that scared? :s Oh yeah, finished the game last night. Yay!

    Yeah, it was super late for me. Maybe that was all it was, silly brain.
  3. Just Started My Very First Walkthrough Today. It Is On FFXIII-2, And I Wanted To Share It With You. I Have 2 Vids So Far, And I Have Posted Them Here On TFF:

    I Hope You Enjoy It
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    Hey, hows it going? been keeping TFF activity going much? i'm doing well, learned how to make a batch file today, i got a new laptop as well, it rocks! EDIT: currently i'm just waiting patiently until April 6th.
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    Good, I was being ornery
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    <3 Yeah, the runs!
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    Nobody's postin' in your thing. TFF is lame. Let's go to EoFF instead.
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    See what you meant now. Yesterday it was just a blank page.

    Aye, Amazon US actually stopped selling it. xD People are still able to sell it via Amazon, unfortunately. Be doing them a favour if they didn't let anybody buy that crap. Read yesterday they took some corpses that were hanging upside-down out of Silent Hill 2. Why are hanging upside down ones extra offensive? xD

    Only played it once then got distracted. ^^; but I rescued Socolov (or whatever you calls him). You mean you got some new blinds or something? Don't know if the math was right, maths isn't my strong point. ^^; But either way it's gonna be a whole lotta miles. Will get it done eventually. Man, I feel like such a dummy after reading this... Compound Exercises mostly all I ever did was 'isolation' exercises. Maybe that's why my muscle is still not so impressive as it should be for all the working out I do.

    Yeah, seen that. The E3 footage looked pretty boring, but maybe they've improved it a lot by now (journey)?

    Huh, that's weird...why don't they knock them down? Sounds kinda cool at the same time though. Yeah, Daniel is a disappointing one, isn't he? He's no better than those murders he killed, probably worse than any of them. :/ Just collected all the fragment pieces, but I want to try and save Agrippa (spelt?). Still not been scared, actually playing so much of Silent Hill and Amnesia in the dark at night recently seems to have just made my nerves even tougher. ^^; On Sunday heard some pretty weird ass sounds at around half one in the morning. No idea what they were, at that time you'd usually get at least a little freaked, but I was just like "Huh? Whatever."
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    Aww...internet problem, hun? Or just this forum>?

    Haha, yeah. Your bro is smart but evil. xD

    Yeah, there was no way the YouTube trolls weren't gonna come out from under the bridge to point that rubbish out. xD Yep, that is seriously supposed to be the HD/superior version of the game. ^^; Turns out you can get the PC version of SH2 to look gorgeous, so gonna give that a go instead of the HD collection. x3 Ahaha, sorry. I'll be quiet. Thank you. <3

    Yeah, perfect stealth whilst in the hardest mode. They spot you a mile away if you don't keep a close watch on your camouflage. xD Aww...well, hopefully you'll find a motivator! Just keep thinking about the kind of body you want and how all you need to do it work out enough to get it. That should help. Now that you mention it...what the heck IS with that number!? Do you think it was actually a typo they made whilst programming the game? xD 1866 total miles seems like an awful lot to ask.

    Ooo, I'd love to play a game of it with you. We talk about games so much. We have the some of the same systems. But we never played together. Niiii.

    I'm LOVING Amnesia! It doesn't scare me, but it's really enjoyable anyway, anything with a strong atmosphere is pretty cool, huh? And the diaries/letters are great to find and read. Uhmmmm...I dunno if you get anything like it in America? But here there are lots of castle ruins and things. It reminds me of going through places like that, which is pretty cool. Daniel's voice even sounds like one of those weird displays they like to put in those types of places with the creepy model people. Daniel seems pretty silly though, I mean is it really worth going through all that crap to remember something you'd probably would be better off not remembering?
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    Yeah. :| It's fine when you're a kid, but not so much at our age. It's a good thing the level grinding seems to be removed from modern games. Just think "now" "toe." Then you'll remember...maybe.

    Haha, you're a kind soul. Especially liked the part near the end with is all screwed up graphically on the collection and he doesn't say a thing about it. xD Oh, speaking of which, my PC is all fixed up now so in theory I could stick my own annoying commentary on things now, yay.

    Guess so? Not been shot yet. It gives you game over if you get spotted. Not sure about that, hehe. Still got those 622 miles ones to do, but I am halfway on one of those. Still no feeling buff I'm afraid. Have gained a little bit more muscles though, so that's something. I've not taken a proper break from the game, but kinda starting to like the routines again. Not sure why. xD How is your working out going? Did you get back into it?

    Did you know about Little Big Planet Karting? Seems like one to getz! LittleBigPlanet Karting Announce Trailer - YouTube

    Oh man, finally got Amnesia: the dark decent. Played it in the dark with headphones on last night like it suggests at the start. There are some creepy noises, but nothing scary yet. Still, it's a very good and involving game so far. Pretty darn impressed considering it's a cheap game off Steam. Did you say you'd played it, or did you watch it all?
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    haha, its an awesome gif, im thinking it might be my new sig ;P
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    My internet stopped working. Along with some other bs. This is just in case you don't get the IM.
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    Digital Devil seemed pretty tough going, so maybe. Got bored of leveling up on it, so maybe that is the one you're thinking of. :> Cheers, mate. Will need any luck/motivation I can get for those games. Nouto (spelt?). Man, think that was a good few weeks back now?

    No-no, I mean he seems rather slow mentally. ^^; Started a go of Metal Gear 3 on European Extreme mode, you should see Snake's tiny wee health bar on it, it's just over one segment long. xD Oooh, and 90% of trophies obtained for EA Active 2 now! Just the stupid trophies left to get...
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    Haha,'s, um, an extra good thing that you never had that experience then.

    Was thinking more of Digital Devil Saga, but who knows! You just never know what will happen in the future, do you? Aw, really? Did you get sick of it or just kinda forget? There were a few dull episodes in a row so not surprised if you just drifted away from it.

    You're welcome. I hope you enjoy it! :> The talking guy on the videos doesn't talk too much which makes a nice change, but he does seem a bit on the slow side unfortunately. Hopefully it'll still be worth the watch...he said he was a huge fan and played the games a ton but he didn't seem to know what he was doing at a lot of points. xD
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