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  1. Not much, and LOL!
    Perhaps there's something humourous in that 99% of them are Caucasian males.
  2. Whazzzzzzzzuuuupppppp!!! Damn. Haha. Those crazy wetbacks.
  3. Waaasssssssuuuuuupppp?
    Work is wet and the vandals don't like wet much.
  4. I've said it on MSN yesterday but I'll say it again, Happy Birthday Nathan. I hope you have a good one.
  5. haha I don't own it but I have played it. It's totally awesome and full of violence and swearing. Only real mature game out on the Wii.
  6. No, the less cool one on the Xbox. >< You get handcannons though?! What the french dude. I want to play that now.
  7. House of the Dead on Wii, the new one?
    ****ing awesome, especially with the handcannons you can get in the bundle.
    And gaming's good as always.
  8. "We livin' it up, we livin' it up. Yeah mutha****a we livin' it up and blazin' all night long..." >< That's all I know. Very good song. Don't let the lyrics fool you. How's the games going along? I got to play House of Dead III last weekend and it was pretty fun. I'm a generation behind on consoles so pardon my lame game picks.
  9. Poor kitty.
    Good you're living it up though.
  10. Shit's shit. It's brown and smelly, well sometimes green, and it seems there's been a lot of it lately. Well with my cat at least. Poor guy's getting fixed soon. As for me, I'm doing pretty good. Just stuck on school and life.
  11. Good man. How's shit your way?
  12. NATHAN!!!!! Wat it du. How's it going?
  13. Right back at ya buddy. =D
  14. Thanks.
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