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  1. It's Lord of the Falcons!
  2. I'll do that and then I'll write some responses to those things.
  3. ALRIGHT! Then you will see the things that I have to say to you!
  4. Yeah. I'm so popular. (not really, I just keep forgetting to empty it) I'll go do that thing now -_-
  5. You exceeded the number of messages you can have in your inbox again, heh...
  6. Thanks lady
  7. Happy birthday dude!!!
  8. Darnnit, not again, I'll go fix my PM...
  9. You exceeded your PM box amount, so I'mma send you a VM instead.

    We're all ghosts, lady. Nothing in the physical realm is going to stop us from moving freely to wherever we want to go. You're just gonna have to deal with the fact that you are gonna get got by a cyber wraith and his legion of easily distracted chickens.

    It really depends. My dorm is in a suite, with a fairly big living area out there. There's a big open area just outside the dorms anyway, where you could do some sneaking. Maybe you could poke a Master Sergeant or a Marine

    George Takei was on the original Star Trek. People follow him on Facebook because he posts a lot of silly stuff. Don't you like cat memes? Everyone likes cat memes! No, you don't need a mounted camera for Skype. You can use Skype with a camera or whatever, but you can also use it as an instant messenger, which is what I usually use it for. As for taking you away from TFF; what do you mean by that?

    Well, I suppose he could use some grooming. That hair is pretty stupid.

    Yeah, she did a good job at being impartial, although I can't help but feel like the people I was complaining about made out better in this. Oh well. Hopefully everyone will be respectful and not irritating. My boss has told me anyway that she knows I'm always respectful and reasonable.

    Aspirin? Heh. If you're gonna be a dude though, you gotta drink. Some dudes might tell you that you can get by without it, but those dudes are not real dudes. They are liars.

    The Hobbit book is better. Much better. You should read that instead of watching those silly movies.

    I listen to most my music on the computer anyway. I go to emusic and download stuff from there, or amazon. Burn the music to disks and listen to it in my car. Or on the mp3 player, when I use that, which is rare these days. Also, there's a program on people's smart phones that recognizes what song is playing. I don't have a smart phone though, and I don't know if you do either. What kind of music do your bros listen to?

    Starting a D&D campaign with a few guys. We were doing our character stats today, and this one dude is playing as basically Batman. He has his own Alfred, and he got 1000 rations of food that he's going to make Alfred carry apparently. Each are an inch wide apparently, and he figured that Alfred will carry them in a pack that's his height, width, and then 5 feet back. It's totally ridiculous, and he was arguing with the DM about it for like an hour and a half, lol. My character is gonna be this teenage dog-man who's trying to impress a girl by finding a treasure. They basically live kinda secluded and are very trusting and kinda easily manipulated when they go out into the world, so he's gonna look at this Batman character and be very confused. Also the DM said the campaign is gonna be horror based, so he's probably going to be traumatized, heh.
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