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  1. Thanks. I like yours too.
  2. I like your profile picture.
  3. I had no doubt that you would make the right/American decision where they were concerned, sir.
  4. Do not worry, my tiny little munchkin. They are safe.
  5. Yeah. Water, milk, and five year-olds.
  6. Do you know anything of dealing with "the blacks" during warfare? They're mostly afraid of water, right?
  7. Oh, no pressure, sir! I know you are exceedingly busy with official matters, such as the assassination of ol' Bin Laden. Of course you can't answer every insignificant question! Seriously, don't sweat it. I've got other stuff too.

    As to that lying thing, I heard nothing.
  8. Cruelty! Right. I keep forgetting to answer this question. I have not done any cruelty, but I have kissed a man. Gross. "The homo life" is not for me. That's not to say I have anything wrong with gay people. I haven't kissed a man. I lied. I don't know why I lied.
  9. Yup, and I've done worse than that, if you'll believe, but, as I said, the little rascal deserved it for scarring me hand and biting my little toe. I don't think he took the hint, though, he's still up to his nasty tricks and I haven't yet figured out how to calm him down.
    Done any cruelty yourself lately?
  10. Haha, aw, look at you torturing that poor kitty. That's cute. So you made his little hat yourself? Well I'm impressed.
  11. Daisy head Maisy (held by my brother).

    I've got more...
  12. I do want to see one! I love kittens. That doesn't make me sound tough at all, but it's true.
  13. Well, gee, man, that stuff is elementary, were you held back a grade?

    Anywho, once again my family found another stray kitten. For fear of starvation, we over-fed him and in gratitude, he's taken to scratching at people's feet and biting at any fleshy skin exposed to his vicinity. As revenge I've knitted him his own 'kitty hat' and took pictures, wanna see one?
  14. I'm good. I'm pretty sure I fully understand the intricacies of intergalactic trade law now, which is something that always caused me trouble in the past.
  15. I've just returned after a long stint of reality, when what do I see at the top of a long list of unread VM's? A message from who(m)? Clint Eastwood! I'm ignoring the rest to answer you as quickly as possible, sir.
    I am, btw, sorry for the long absence from the Academy, I'll get back ASAP.

    I didn't know you watched Black Butler. That's great! Though I haven't seen much of the anime, I read as much of the manga as I can. I really love it, too. I would venture to say the 'best', but I'm not sure other people are as clandestine-minded as myself.
    Oh, well, now that I've finished with the unnecessary chit chat, how have you been doing?
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