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  1. Haha thank you very much, Bandit is doing very well and as are the rest.
  2. Happy birthday hope Bandit and his posse are doing ok
  3. I don't know I found a blue feather and went to see if he would play with it and he freaked and flew off I held him while I did it and he just wanted to go I didn't keep doing it of course that would be mean.
  4. Haha. Well funnily enough, my budgies are blue. Then again.. Bandit is blue too. Why the hatred for blue feathers?
  5. Wow I just found out that Baby absolutely hates bright blue feathers.
  6. lol I can't picture our budgies ganging up on Baby but my Cockateil Archy is a mean b*tch we have three male cockateils and she won't let either one woo her haha thats because she is my beautiful girl lol
  7. Haha, Bandit and Taffy (the cockatiel) get along for the most part but they do have their share of fights too lol. Cockatiels seem to be a cranky bird.. well the ones I've had anyway. They seem to get sick of one another every now and then. Usually Taffy wins the fight though. I have 3 budgies which Bandit is terrified of, they're mean to her. xD
  8. Yeah that sounds about right but Baby attacks allk the other birds haha if I try and talk to Pepper one of cockateils he has to come and step in front lol
  9. Oh yeah, I know all about that, I named mine Bandit for a reason. I also have a cockatiel who she is best friends with and they can't be separated. Bandit likes to run around and throw things off of tables and enjoys watching me pick the items she drops so she can drop them again. Plus she likes looking in the mirror and laughing at herself lol. They have quite the personality.
  10. Feral lol he does this thing where he bobs up and down then bites hard lol but he is a big attention seeker.
  11. Good actually, she's crazy as per always but I love her to bits. How is yours?
  12. How is your princess going?
  13. Hey hey how a little feathered friends going your Princess is looking gorgeous ours has finally put some flesh on and his feathers are so soft a fine haha,

    We have a cockateil just like yours she is gettinga bit old and cranky but still loves a good scratch on the crest. We also have hand raised our own Cinnamon Cockateil who original enough we called Cinnamon haha he is so beautiful very affectionate.
  14. We just got another princess parrot he is beautiful he is all olive green with red and pink under his neck and belly but he has a temper and hasn't been handled much
  15. Happy birthday, If you can hear that faint party whistle from the Great Dividing Range thats me celebrating haha.
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