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    True,true. Well Asami's dad is still alive(my brain has literally had a fart and I can't think of his name),perhaps they may make him a villain since he hates benders so much?
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    Oh my mistake. Ikr? The season finale was actually good,too,(in my opinion). But it felt more like a series finale than a season finale.
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    I completely agree. I loved it when Tenzin's kids started to fight back too,like when Meelo(thats his name right? ha) started taking down I think 4 Equalists #totalbossmoment. I am pumped for the season finale tomorrow,and hoping that the Korra and Amon fight goes well
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    Ikr. I feel so bad for Lin. But at least she lost her bending in an honorable way,ya know.
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    Oh my gosh,did you see the new episode? It's left me so angry! Tarlock is nothing but a sneaky,no good rat!
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    Yeah. On the Republic City Tour Game on Nickelodeon,it says he is like 87(i think) and is no longer the Fire Lord,that he gave it up to his daughter. It also said that is like a diplomat or something? So,I guess the only ones still left are Zuko and Katara since Toph,Sokka,and Aang were in Korra's 'visions'?
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    She did remind me of Lust. Yeah,Korra needs at least one girl friend.

    ....Talking about and watching The Legend of Korra makes me miss Aang and the gang bad .. :'(
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    I have no idea,but the vision of Aang looked like..he was in battle of some sorts?(or is that just my crazy mind? ) But when I first saw Asami,for some reason,I thought,'hey..she looks sinister. Is she one of Amon's baddies?' ...I have a bad feeling that Mako is in trouble being with her.. :/
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    Thats what I'm thinking as well. I'm just curious as to see which spirit is wishing for the end of bending. I am also glad to see what Sokka,Toph,and Aang looked like when they were older(when Korra was knocked out by Amon). That made my day for some reason?
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    That does make sense. Shew,maybe we'll get a little closer to the answer with tomorrow's new episode
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    I liked it too,but I don't see how its possible. I mean,correct me if I'm wrong,Aang was the only avatar to do something like strip a person's bending from them,so how can a nonbender take away someone else's bending? Ugghh..I need answers so my impatient mind can stop thinking about it lol :3
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    Did you see Episode 3 of the Legend of Korra yet? It was crazy
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