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  1. Absolutely!

    You can also mod the music if you want. You can only add midis, but I added midis off some Final Fantasy fansites. Playing Pokemon with midi FF music is quite an experience!

    I don't want to give anything away about the game, but leveling will become much easier later on. You'll be able to have as many teams as you like!

    I hope you are enjoying the story-line. Be sure to check out the extra modes, if you get a chance!

    Glad I could help!
  2. I began playing Pokémon Zeta, it's almost everything I've been looking for in a Pokémon game ever since 2nd generation, or Gold/Silver/Crystal if you will, as I feel Nintendo has failed to evolve this franchise as much since then.

    Funny enough, it is however a double edged sword, you can catch every Pokémon out there which is neat, but I can't seem to decide on my main party because there are just way too many Pokémon I like, thus I pretty much have two teams right now and it can be a chore to level them all up. The frightening thing is, I plan on having a third team down the road Anyways, I installed all the available mods, the game looks gorgeous in battle, hopefully they do the same for the characters and the world in general.

    I really appreciate your recommendation, you have my thanks.
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