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  1. Just a reminder that you're up next to post in the Rp! Don't forget to read through all of it familirarize yourself with where me and Heartless are. Hoping to read something soon!
  2. Thank you for elaborating on your character for me! You're ready to post now. :-)
  3. Hey my computer won't let me get a hold of you in the normal way so I'm really hoping this works. I need you to flesh out your character's appearance and biography. Also, looking forward to you posting in the RP itself!
  4. I have absolutely no problem at all with that Coff and it's reassuring to find a likeminded individual where that is concerned. Looking forward to reading your post once it's up!
  5. Thank you for the reminder! I am planning on writing something up tonight; sorry to keep you waiting! I just love to RP and always try my best with it, so I like to ensure that I am in the right mental state before starting! I am looking forward to this!
  6. Just reminding you not to forget about us over in the Rp section! :-D
  7. Sounds good either way you go. That sounds like a pretty good idea for an rp.
  8. Okay, I will have that up and good to go; I suppose I will still be a good guy, so that everyone can work together. I was thinking of making my own RP at some point that has evil characters in it the people can be, like a Dissidia situation. Give me a day and I will have my character ready. I am not familiar with Metro 2033, but I will do my best.
  9. Go ahead and get your character set up and you can make a post in the rp as soon as you're ready to. Heartless has to wait cause he has an epic post in mind and I was the last one to make a post.
  10. Hey I understand man. Reality sucks sometimes. This is going slow enough that it shouldn't be an issue if you can't post immediately or have something come up that keeps you from posting for a few days.
  11. Thanks for reminding me! I have not looked at it yet, but I certainly plan to do so. I am currently adjudicating some real-life matters, so that has been draining my mental bandwidth. By this time tomorrow, I will come up with something, and I will be a part of your RP. It'll be fun!
  12. Hey buddy have you had the chance to look at the OOC page of the Rp yet?
  13. You still looking for an RP to join?
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