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  1. Tiffany if i put myself out there dating again transgender or not & if i choose to do you think i should tell her or warned her that I'm a otaku or is it better for her to find out on her own?

    To explain why am i asking as 2 examples if she wants to come in my room or if she choosees to visit me ,visit me in my room or walked in on me & if you like anymore examples & if i thought anymore examples feel free to ask & I'll gladly give you more examples & if i choose to
  2. Tiffany if you & your husband have a PS4 & if you ever wanted to be friends with me on PS4 my PSN is eagleeye8715 & if you want me to added your husband too as well & of course if your husband ever wanted to be friends with me on PS4 too as well then feel free to either tell me his PSN or he can added me whichever he prefers .
  3. Tiffany if you don't mind me saying it here instead of PM you so you know as a update of what's going on with me so you know I've gotten myself doom & battleborn 1 both for PS4 this weak so now i have 5 PS4 games so far at the moment & I've also connected my PS4 to our wifi & before you ask me no no I'm not using PS+ because it's either A a bit much & B it's 50 dollars a year so I've chsen to skip it & not use PS+.

    & yep so i can go on youtube to watch stuff & do other stuff online too as well so there you have it & i can watch more anime if i chooses to & like i said i can also do other stuff online too as well anyway just telling you what's going on with me so far at the moment how are you doing,anything new & did you get anything new or added to your collection lately .
  4. Exactly! I hope you stay true to yourself. No person is worth anything other than that
  5. If you don't mind me saying in a way you kind of remind me of Lika(if i spelled her name right) from 1 of my favorite shows Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything when she said the other teams have to face me they have to just Deal with it. when you said I am me. I am awesome. Deal with it .
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