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  1. I thought it was a pretty good idea for a thread. And I thoroughly enjoyed the research I had to do to understand dimensions better, even though I'm still pretty confused about it.
  2. See this bag of ****s I have to give, good sir?

    Would you like one, bro?

    But seriously, this conversation was ruined for me.
    This dumb bastard just has nothing better to do on a Wednesday night.

    What euined the convo for me was Rowan's handling of it. Poor boy ended up coming out of it thinking I practiced some form of Christian faith... I just can't deal with this place.
  3. What was the comment Alpha deleted? I never got the chance to read it.
  4. You're back! I missed you! We're cool, man. You were mostly right about this place, and I was kind of a dick to you. I'll be civil from now on.
  5. All nostalgic jokes aside, I've removed you from my ignore list. Don't make me regret it buddy.
  6. How's my favorite selfloathing closet racist fanboy been doing, anyway?
  7. Hey sexy!!! Play any Metroid lately??

    I beat Mogenar last week and it made me think of you!! I miss how you made my sides hurt, and put how awesome I am in perspective!
  8. That's what I'm talking about! I love your shtick. I'm not pushing you or anything, I'm just enjoying your gimmick.
  9. I'm going to say this one last time, and perhaps it won't be harsh enough to get through your thick, prehistoric skull, but you also won't run to staff, getting one over on me the only way you know how.


    My replies have been generic, in response to the fact that this man-child keeps biting at my ankles. You're the dumbest, most stubborn son of a bitch the internet has ever known. Go find an active member who will a actually buy whatever it is you're trying to sell...

    I know it's boing as **** around here, but I'm not your friend, understand? People like you make people like me sick to our ****ing stomachs. You represent what's wrong with society. Four thousand years ago, I would be a warrior, and you would be the half-witted cretin; the village idiot as it were, always making a proper ass of yourself whilst trying to earn favour and respect.
  10. Lol

    Figured I'd explain. I'm enjoying the show. You have an entertaining gimmick, kid.
  11. You have no one else to VM on a Saturday?

    Don't make me feel bad for you, Clint. It's confusing and it makes me feel somehow violated.
  12. That was redundant.
  13. Aren't you supposed to be ignoring me?
  14. You don't listen to anything. That's your first and biggest problem. You also have this dire need to prove yourself to a total stranger, to the point where you keep VMing after I've clearly ignored you and no longer wish to be bothered by your meagre attempts to bicker and somehow discredit my intellect.

    You're a weak, shitty person posing as a distinguished and respectable intellectual.

    Until you can prove to me you're not hiding, **** off, kid! Bite some one else's ankles!
  15. I like how you asked a bunch of question, and then told me that you're ignoring me, thus making every question you just asked irrelevant to answer. I'm now to assume that you're a woman, because that's some pretty gnarly chick logic right there.

    Well if you're ignoring me, I guess this is goodbye, ma'am.
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